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Center valance


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hey everyone,

Anybody have any ideas on where I can get a new front valance for a 72z? I am willing to buy either a steel or fiberglass one. Also, I have noticed that some early z car valances had a narrow lip and some had a wider one. Whats the difference?

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Are you talking about this part?


My microfiche says it's part 62600-E4100, now F2600-E4100 & if available they're $130 or so.

Regarding the difference in the two, I can't speak from experience because I'm most familiar with my '72. But the part number changed in 7/72. Could the ones you're referring to be for the '73, thus different? I didn't think they moved the turn signal lenses above the bumper until '74 but that's honestly a guess.

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Unless yours is severely mangled you should be able to save it. Mine got ran over/stepped on a few times. A little hammer&dolly and less than 1/16 skim coat of filler is all it took. (One hour total time) I was wanting to replace it but decided the money could be spent in more important areas. This is an easy part to fix because it is relatively flat.


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yes that is the part I am talking about. This past summer I attended the South Florida Z-fest and saw both types on some of the 240's there. By the way I also saw a fiberglass one there. Thanks for the input though.

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