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Finally getting my Z T-shirts printed!


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Some of you may remember me posting that I have been trying to get some 240Z shirts (a caricatured version of a red Z) printed to try to earn some money for my 'Buy-a-Z' fund, and they are finally getting printed! My original order of 50 are supposed to be in the mail back to me by this Friday, December 15th, and hopefully the PO will be able to get them here fairly quickly despite the Christmas mailing rush. If it's okay with the management of this site, I would like to post more info (like a pic and purchase info) when they arrive.



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As the old saying goes - "it is better to seek forgiveness, than to gain permission".

IMHO - you should have contained yourself and waited until the shirts arrived - THEN posted pictures of them, along with order information.

For the most part, buying T-Shirts with graphics - is an impulse purchase. Forewarning everyone that they are coming, will have the effect of lowering the "buy impulse" once they are ready to ship to customers. The process of wetting peoples appetites via advanced publicity, is mainly useful when the product is NOT of the impulse purchase type.

Secondly - no businessman would ever say that their reason for bringing a product to market -was "to make some money". When one says that - the first thing the potential customers wonder is "just how much money is this guy making?" and then "Am I paying too much for it?".

When you bring a product to market - you tell the potential buyers WHY they should want to buy one. Something along the lines of; " Hello Fellow Z Car Fan's - In order to raise awareness that the DATSUN 240-Z is still - Alive and Well in America, I've had very special T-Shirts produced. They proudly display your love for the Classic Z Car."

Nonetheless, I applaud your efforts to earn some money...


Carl B.

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Oops, good points, Carl! You're obviously more of an entrepreneur and businessman than me. What I am is an artist and a Z-lover that is excited to be able to use my gifts to capture my favourite car of all time in a manner that I feel other Z-nuts like myself will want to have a part of.

I'm just so darn excited to see the shirts, and I think others will be as well, so I guess I should just let the shirts speak for themselves.


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Hi Mikey:

No - I wish I had been a better entrepreneur and businessman. I'd have most likely made a lot more money. My advice comes to you at the cost of having lost lots of time and money in failed ventures on the one hand - then having gone to work for a great businessman for a couple of years and watching carefully what he did, on the other.

Believe me, if I had had any artistic ability at all, I'd have been an Architect instead of an Aerospace Engineer. If I had had any sense at all, I'd have been a businessman. But that wisdom 50+ years after the fact isn't of much use to me... so I pass it along to you for what its worth

Your right - a picture speaks a thousand words.. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you have to offer..

good luck,

Carl B.

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