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Spring Help for my '78 280Z


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Now that I've added the 15 x 7 Panasports & 205/60HR15 tires I am thinking of dropping the car 1"-1.5". I have new KYB's (361002/361003's). What springs would you recommend to accomplish this? ST, Arizona Z, MSA? The KYB's say not to use a lowering spring.....I don't want a bone crusher ride and don't plan on replacing the shocks. Recommendations?


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JMark - I have the Eibach pro-springs mated with Tokico Blue shocks on my 280ZXT....and am pleased with the ride quality. (I went from KYB Gas-Justs shocks with stock springs to the Eibach/Tokico combo which dropped the car 1 inch.)


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Probably wait till the KYB's wear out and swap them out.
In my experience, that may be sooner than you expect. I've used KYBs with lowering springs in the past - but only once. (Not a Datsun.) The KYBs were toast in about 6 months time. I don't know if it was because the lower ride height overworked them, or perhaps because they were damaged by bottoming out, or what. But I believe the warning they issue about not using them with lowering springs is valid.

On the other hand, I'm sure that we'll hear from lots of satisfied KYB users with all manner of lowering springs.

As for what springs to use - what is your primary goal? Better visual appearance, or better handling?

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Sal with MSA agreed the KYB's would wear out sooner with a more agressive lowering spring. I think I'll run the KYB's as is for awhile since they are new. My goal is to lose the gap while having a good handling while decent riding Z.

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I'm having ST + KYB in my 280Z, I'm satisfied,but I had many issues with installing the springs! I put the 9 coil spring in front a 8 in rear and the car sat really wierd, I siwtched them and they are ok now, but I have got afeedback that the 9 coil spring should be in front, but according to what I have right now, I'm happy he combo I have, the ride is soft, dont expect a rough ride from them, I heared that ST are stiff, but they are OK..

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Just a heads up for those of you who want to drop your 280Z 1" and keep a decent ride MSA has the Eibach 280Z spring kits. Sal says they bought what was left of Eibachs supply. MSA pricing is good too. Per Blue's chart the front springs are linear & only the rears are progressive. The rates are very similar for all the different brands. I bought Tokico HP's to run with these springs as well.

Per the chart below.

Eibach from Nissan Motorsports or Motorsports Auto

183 lbs/in front, 154/212 lbs/in rear "progressive rate")

I consulted with Katman & Sal. Both think this setup will work well & give me the 1" drop my Z needs.


Pic below is BEFORE the Eibach/Tokico HP install.


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Just a note....lowering the Z obviously changes the amount of bump and droop travel when using stock length dampers. Typically you will increase the available droop and decrease the available bump. This is not a bad thing if you don't lower the Z too much. Lowering beyond 1 1/2" may become problematic. This is the reason for sectioning the struts and installing the appropriate length dampers. It balances the droop and bump available travel.


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