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new parts for wiper motor attach to linkage...


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Yesterday, the linkage arm fell off of my wiper motor, and in all the rain and cold, wasn't able to find any parts that fell off into the cowl area.

I am just going to drive my 2nd car, and was wondering where I should purchase the parts necessary to attach the arm back onto the motor. Essentially I want to buy new (if possible) all parts that connect the motor and the linkage arm. Not sure what this entails at this point.

I noticed that neither MSA or Dragon have any of these parts listed in their mag's....are these parts normally purchased at the Nissan dealership?

If so, so I don't have to go down to the dealership in person, can anyone tell me what the part numbers / descriptions are so I can order them over the phone? I would really appreciate it.

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ok, I just called Beaverton Nissan...they say the wiper parts I need are part of the last linkage arm that attaches to the wiper motor and this isn't made anymore!

Can anyone verify this?

Does anybody that has these parts want to send me some asap! I will pay good $$ for them, need them to drive in the rainy Pacific NW!!!! Just PM me and I will reply asap tonight...let me know how much you want ...

It sounds like the first linkage arm that attaches to the wiper motor used to be sold with all the attachment parts.

What I need is whatever parts attach the arm to the motor (1972 but I believe all S30s are the same)...I have the rubber piece that is on the linkage arm that covers that joint at the wiper motor.

What a piece for Nissan to not make anymore!!!

PM me if you have these parts...should be something like a couple of strange looking washers and a c clip or such. I can't even find mine in the cowl area...I looked for 45 minutes last night.

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The wiper linkage is held on the motor by a nut (8 x1.25mm thread) and lock washer. You should be able to get those at a local store. The linkage has a slot that fits over the threaded motor shaft hub and the nut holds it in place. If the linkage is broken then you will probably have to get them off a parts car.

Good Luck

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ok, I might have a handle on parts...the problem, beyond the screw, is there has to be a large washer or something ? that goes between the nut and linkage, because the linkage hole is large that fits onto the motor with....figure there's a large washer of some sort....it came off going down the highway....couldn't find any of the parts...I'll take a closer look today.

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If you haven't done the Cowl Drain piping that I suggest, you might be able to find all the pieces inside one of the fenders. There is little room for parts to wiggle their way out, and if you haven't removed the fenders and cleaned that area out, it might need doing anyhow.

Unfortunately, the only parts I have are dedicated to projects currently in work and as such aren't spares.

For the large washer, you might be able to substitute a fender washer though.

I'm tryijng to find a picture of the disasembled linkage to help you, but no luck yet. Maybe someone else has it available faster.


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Those are the ones that I *finally* found. Excellent work Webdawg!


The first two are the disassembly process, pages one and two. The next two are the re-assembly process, again pages one and two.

And, for the record, those pictures are from an article written by the Late Carl Stahlnecker, may he rest in peace, who could document articles beautifully. His articles and Dave's Gas Tank POR Renew are classics!



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