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got my seat rails!


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as some of you know, i have been looking at trying to get some seat rails for my recaro SR3 seats, to fit the 240k..

After a bit of searching, i found a company in tokyo that sells the seat rails that i needed!! Luckily for me, i had family going over for a couple of 2 week stints in tokyo, and i was able to get the rails delivered to their hotel so that they could lug them home for me (12.5kg total, i wouldn't wish that on anyone other than family :)


The part numbers were N094SR and N093SR

I was a little worried at what the rails would be like, seeing as the web didn't show pictures, and google translator didn't workout so well for me on this site.

I was very surprised to find that they were actually genuine Bride seat rails! and for the set it ended up costing me the princely sum of AU$250!!! (and that is for the pair!)

They fitted perfectly (as i would expect), and i now have mounted seats (one big tick on my list of things to do!)

The only down side is for the passenger (only because of my roll cage, and the cross brace behind the front seats), the passanger seat can not be reclined back very far, unless they are sitting on the dashboard.. but that isn't my problem :)

i will post some pics tonight, i left my camera at home this morning :(

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i paid $1550 for a 2nd hand set of recaro SR3's in very good contion, these came with a set of Falcon recaro seat rails that i later sold for around $150

I have seen sets go for $1000-1100 if your quick (watch SAU, sylvia forums etc.)

i think the hard bit would be to get somebody over there to order them for you (i don't think they will ship directly), i guess check EMS to see what 12.5Kg would cost (i am guessing $100+)

pics here :)


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yep they are.. i assume the other ones are for bride? not sure, i guess you would need to compare the spacing (on the website).. the instructions that came with the seats were generic, so that doesn't help...

maybe worth checking out yahoo auctions for pics.. i don't think there are too many manufacturers of seat rails for C110

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It is tough to say for sure, and it may just be the angle that the photo was taken at, but it looks like the thigh bolsters are too high. I used Recaro brackets on my Z, and I had a friend use them in his Toyota truck, and we both had the same problem. The thigh part is so high that in my case it started to cut off circulation to my calves and feet and after about 20 minutes of driving they'd start to go numb. My friend leaned his seat back to compensate, and that wasn't comfortable either for me. He did OK with it, but I like a relatively upright driving position.

The solution I found was to cut the bracket and weld it back together at an angle, and run the rear mount as high as possible (mine had 3 adjustment holes). Here is a picture of how mine ended up. This was a big improvement and didn't take too much doing.



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i 've driven around all over town, and both the seat and seating position feel great

i've got tons of legroom, and that's hard to come by in most old datsun sedans

the car is real fun, (even with the stock motor and suspension), and people of all walks seem to love it

if i find my toes and calves numbing on a longer drive, i'll keep jon's mod in mind

but i don't know if it'll do much good as the c110 brackets are unique since the sliders are already welded to the brackets

plus headroom is already at a premium (for me at least!)

that's why i couldn't use the 510/z/universal style of brackets made in the u.s.

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well, it's been a little over a year, and i've decided that the seats do sit too high and at too much of an angle :lick

i'm redoing the tranny tunnel, so i decided to cut off and remove the oem seat bracket mounts and remount the seats closer to the floor

a year ago, i would've sworn off any such mod, but the direction of this project has changed a bit :smoke:

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