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August 2006- Beaches Cruise-In at PIR


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Pictures from the 8-9-06 Beaches Cruise In at Portland International Raceway.

This is the view from the concession stand / snack-bar area.

The Cruise-In intends to raise $130,000 in funds this year alone for underpriviledged children in the Vancouver / Portland area.

Beaches is a restaurant located on the bank of the Columbia river which used to hold a Cruise-In on Wednesdays (all pre 73 cars) and Thursdays (Vettes, Vipers and other High-End Exotics). As the years went by it grew bigger and bigger. When it got too big for their parking lot, they moved it to Pearson Air Field (just east of Fort Vancouver). Then it got too big for that area, they moved it to PIR where it was held today.

Although the ruling is for pre-73 cars, you still find a lot of cars that for their uniqueness, interest value, or eye-appeal make it in.

Cost is a reasonable $5 per car, or $5 per person for those parking outside. It starts at 4:30pm and proceeds all summer long until close to nightfall.





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I wish I could have been there !! NEXT WEEK ! E how many cars took part in the show this week ? It's hard to tell from the pictures . I think they were saying about 650 + is what there have been ,and up to 850 a night . So far this year. Were the drag racing going also tonight ? Gary PS . Great looking A roadster the chick is looking at .

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It may also have been that that row hadn't yet been filled up at the time I took the photo.

This isn't a static event, by the time you've gone from one end to the other, enough cars have arrived and some have left that you can almost start all over again.

As busy as this was, it's not the busiest I've seen it.


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It's great to see such an active automotive community-having a gathering every week and seeing it grow continuously is a great asset for your region.

I really like how no type of car is excluded, it's not jst a hot rod thing, nor only muscle cars, etc. Having an age requirement makes sense, though, otherwise there would be brand spanken new cars next to the classics, though I did see some newer models in there.

Still, a very cool event.

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