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What Year SUs are these?


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I have these SUs that came with my car. My car has an L28 with triple Delortos but I was considering putting these back on to restore it's 'stock' appearance.

Anyway I was just wondering if I someone could identify them as I beleive the 70-72 SUs are the weapon of choice when it comes to standard carbs.

Thanks in advance.

OzLime240Z :devious:


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They appear to be 3 screw carbs which would make them 71 or 72 carbs. (Anybody want to check me on that?) But it looks like you have an early type manifold, or at least the balance tube is (lack of emission ports).

Either way, they should be fine as long as you check them out and make sure there are no obvious air leaks around the throttle bushings and that the jets and needles are not stuck.

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My late '71 (5/71 production) came with 4 screw carbs. I'm not sure when the switch to 3 screws occured, but I thought it was on '72 cars.

The fun thing about the late '71s is when you order a part you never know if you need a 70-71 part or a 72 part until it shows up.

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