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help me start the car


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problem with car starting, turns over but doesn't start, or even show signs of starting...

I have spark, the problem is i dont have fuel....

ive used 2 differant pumps and both arn't pumping anything, and both work fine by hand, as they are mechanical type off the 73 240z....

could it be a possibilty that the lines are cloged, and blocked, as no fuel is getting to the engine, not even to the fuel filter.... it turns over fine, so im sure the pump is trying to suck fuel, and yes i have fuel, put $20 worth in yesterday from the can.... what do you recomend....

the car is auto, if that makes any differance...

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Have you replaced the fuel filter? Have you checked the tank for rust? If it's been sitting a long time and you've just added fuel (approximately 6 gallons) you could have stirred up rust setiment in the bottom of the tank. If the previous fuel had been in the tank a long time it may have turned to varnish in the tank and lines? Have you tried to blow air back through either the feed or return line? Just some thoughts to get you started. You also didn't mention if the car has an electic fuel pump as well as a mechanical pump?

Keep trying, the fuel system on your Z is fairly simple, so the diagnotics should show the problem.

Good luck!


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Put some gas in a thinner can and a length of fuel line from it to the pump. This should get you running . most likely the tank is the problem with crud or rust blocking the pick up , filter , and or the fuel line.

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