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Heater Power


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Whisper I am currently working on the same problem.

Mine worked fine even the A/C worked. I had my frame rail replaced and now the A/C is broke, and no power to the blower.

I did find an in line fuse under the dash on the pasanger side of the console that is blown.

I replaced the fuse (20amp) and it sounded like the blower was going to turn on but the fuse blew.

I know the switch is grounded because I was trying to make sense of all the wires haning behind the stereo opening and found a loose black one.

I figured black should be connected to the body somewhere so I did just that.

What do you know that turned my blower on. And as I said it wasnt long before I relized I could move the vent lever to the off position and I had A/C.

But now, I need heat and I cant figure out why my blower won't work.

I hate taking my car to other people to get work done. It never comes back working the same as it did going in.

I will keep a watchful eye on your post. Maybe we will both benifit

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The heater and blower were recently reinstalled and a Honda blower motor installed. the blower worked before it was iinstalled in the car and I have checked the connection at the blower for power. My question is where does the short pigtail from the dash harness to the blower control panel get it's power?

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