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Zoop?? Wheel treatment


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Has anyone used a product called Zoop that is a final top coat/sealant for mag/al wheels? I've seen it advertized in Grout's and Eastwood for about $140. Before I spent that much I'd like to hear from someone with real life experience using the product.

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I think you're missing the point. This is something you do AFTER polishing to preserve the finish and seal the pores of the metal so that you don't have to break out that polisher nearly as often. If you visit the web site they have several magazine articles discussing the use nad benefits of it, however it would be nice to hear from one of our own that it works.

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No, I get the point of why since I'm the one doing all the polishing. Polishing BBS style wheels that are a bit of a pain to do and I really would like it if Zoop works so I don't have to polish as much.

That said, polishing costs me pennies to do and my time. Zoop is $135. and I can wait until a real person (not a magazine article) tells me it works.

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