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how amazing is Nissan??


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well guys, i just have to say, it continues to amaze me how easily 1990's components fit onto our beloved 240k's!

this coming weekend i am planing on taking the road car to a mechanic friend to do some fabrication etc, things like mounting the R200 Diff, recaro SR3 seats onto the factory rails, and mounting the rb25DET engine and gearbox (along with intercooler, radiator supports etc..)

since i have to hire a car trailer for the transport, i figured i would have to try my best to get the engine, gearbox and all the bits i would need atleast in the chassis for transport..

so i spent a couple of hours on the weekend manuvouring the engine/box into place, and bugger me... it looks like the gearbox will fit straight upto the 240k crossmember (just need to enlarge the 2 holes on the xmember), and i even managed to shoehorn the engine mounts into the holes on the engine gearbox (not that it is perfect, as one of the insulating rubber is on the wrong way around), but i can't believe how it fits, almost as if it was planned from the factory!!!

the engine even seems to have good clearance all around (even height wise)

heres a tempter for the coming weekend, it will be in properly come sunday (wohoo!)


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Ahem... That's DATSUN to you young'uns ROFL

'tis true. I spent a large part of the 90's swapping various Datsun bits into my 1600's to make them go faster. I often marvelled at the interchangeability of so many parts. Smart cookies these Nissan / Datsun engineers.

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yeah the the top half of the inlet piping isn't on it (but i think it would be very very close), i am going to use a greddy intake plenum (front facing), and front mount an R32 GT-R intercooler on the front.

the stock plenum is only there so i wouldn't scratch up my shiny new one with moving the engine around

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well, i got my mechanic mate to make up the engine mounts on the weekend, and it has changed quite substantially..

he mounted it a lot lower, and a little more forward, so that there is around 2 inches between teh cam cover and the firewall. This meant that the gearbox mount had to be modified substantially, it is now a sort of u shape

i didn't get a chance to get any photo's but i will when i can

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