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Lionel Ritchie's First Car


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I was just wading thru my Top Gear collection and started watching an older episode where Lionel Ritchie was the Star in a reasonably priced car.

Jeremy Clarkson mentioned that Lionel has never sold any car that he's ever bought. Lionel remarked that he still has his very first car that he bought.

Any ideas?

Lionel Ritche's first car was (is I guess) a Datsun 280Z 2+2.

Kinda neat, just figured I'd share.

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Being born May 1949 my second new car off the showroom was a 1974 Emerald Green 260Z with tan interior with 4 Speed of course I was 25 years old then but I had owned many other clunkers before that and don't chuckle to hard I had a new 72 Chevy Vega what a piece of junk had it less than six monthes some how some poor guy bought it off me and I picked up a 1970 Datsun p/up enough rambling I guess there are some what you call old guys in the club !!!!!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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Chill....guys. I was jerkin' your chain. Haven't you been around people... older than you ...and you slip and say something like old or something like you said in the post... and they say "Old" and get all excited. I know I have.

There is certainly no offense taken. I have two daughters older than you. Besides, I'm younger than Lionel Ritchie.:laugh:

That is interesting. I wish I would've kept my first new car. "72" Chevy SS Nova's are worth a few bucks today. Plus they are still a kick to drive.

I am not sure I would still want that "89" Aerostar van though.:P

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Amen brother. I have always been a car nut from day one cause my dad used to have vintage Road and Track magazines. Personally I liked European cars better, maybe they were just more refined and as for american muscle cars I loved what they represented but to be honest I only heard about the Datsun during the early 90's and since the car was Japan's first true sports car (aside from the Toyota 2000gt which was a flop) made me really interested about the car even more. Every book I could get my hands on and every magazine I would get it even if it had only a small portion about the Datsun 240z. The world's perception

on sports cars was changed because of this car. Milestone.


I am glad we have young guys keeping the Z alive without youth the Z would be forgotten !!!!
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Ahem !!!!!!!!!!

If it was left to us old farts, Zeds would have passed into obscurity.

:devious: :devious:

Don't sell us old farts short!!! I race with a group of guys that call themselves the Gray Wolves Racing Group. A great bunch of very knowledgeable guys. The YOUNGEST one in the group is 63! 2 out of 3 of them won their class last year in the Auto Cross standings. Not too shabby for a bunch of old farts, eh?


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