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SCCA EP Race on TV Sunday


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I 've been watching the race and I've got a question.

On lap 10 there was a Mazda that goes off, the driver clearly stayed on the gas, looses control, the car sling shots back onto the track and "T-bones" another car. Needless to say they had to stop the race for clean-up.

Now, I'm not familiar with any type of race etiquette or rules but, my question is would the guy that plowed into the other car be responsible for the dammage to the other car? Or is this just part of racing?

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responsible, as in financially? NO WAY!

About the only thing that could happen would be a DQ, or time penality (or some other sanction) if "fault" or "gross negligence" were to be determined by race stewards.

IMO this comes under the heading of "$hit Happens" or as the NAPCAR drivers say "one of them rac'in deals". The driver who ran into the grass was trying to get out of the way of the leader cars passing him and ended up on a wet (damp) grass surface and kept his foot in it in hopes of maintaining some measure of directional control. Infortunately, he couldn't.

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I think that would fall under the heading of 'just racin'. Lost a yellow Z early in the race. 'Gira' started 14th, finished 14th, kept the wheels and fenders on, all and all a good job condisering all of crashes and spinouts. Stay tuned for the GT1 race!

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Wow...what an event---great finish! Who would've thought a Caterham and a 914-4 would take first and second!!! That was some nifty driving on Knapp's part (in the Caterham) to avoid the TWO wrecks that happened right in front of him....The lesson I take from watching that race is that survival is the primary goal, then just try to be in the hunt at the end--who knows where you'll end up!

That dude in the yellow Prelude has got to feel hurt having led the whole race (by over 1 sec) then get brought back to the pack under the black flag, and knocked out on the restart....

I think the silver 240Z ended in fifth place if I saw the results correctly...

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I was happy for the 2nd place guy in the 914, but I wonder If I'd be that happy with an accomplishment achieved just by sheer luck.

The yellow Z that went out on the first lap was Ken Kannard who hails from East Troy, WI. He's my local Z guy I root for, too bad for his luck.

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