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hello, my name is Cornell. I am new here and would like to introduce myself, i am very happy to be a member of thr Zcar club. I just retired from the Marine Corps (30) years, and I am about to restore my 1974 Fairlady Z 2+2 right hand drive, I shipped it back from Japan in 1983. I have a L20A engine in it, and I was hopeing that someone would know something about this engine. I dont know yet if I am going to rebuild L20A or just replace it with a L24, or L26. The interior is mint (dash board has crack) but everythin still works, as well as the engine, and yes I do have some rust, and am looking for L/R lower rear fenders,and the L/R rocker panel ends for a 2+2, and I have miner rust on floors boards that can be repaired, (90% rust free), but I am thinking about replacing the area that has rust on it. I have been having a hard time finding replacement panels or floor boards for 2+2. If there is anyone that can provide information about the L20A engine, or replacement planel, or just input on restoring a Z I could use your input. Once again I am happy to be a member of the Z family.

thank you


[email protected]


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Welcome. Sounds like a good project. Take your time with it.

I'm sure if you search around here you will find everything you could ever want to know (and more) about the restoration process. If not, just ask. There are some very knowlegeable members here.

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Hi and welcome!

I just put in new floors and rockers from Zedd Findings. His website is: http://www.datsunzparts.com/index.htm , not the website FUNINMYZ said. His name is Charlie Osbourne, hes very helpful and I have bought lots of stuff from him. Check my photo gallery for pics of the floors and rockers...send me a PM if you want any more pics or info, I'd be glad to help.

I have been restoring my '72 for the last year, and the members of this site are very helpful, and usually a search of the forums will get you on topic.

Have fun, and post some pics!


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Welcome! If you're going to go resto, then by all means keep the L20. But if you really want to have fun, I suggest you go L28 punched out to 3.1 The people here are really great and helpful. Take some time to look through the threads. Lots of good information.

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