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Another 240z article

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Australian Classic Cars magazine has their cover story on a nice Kalihari (sp?) Tan 240z. They mention a bit of Nissan/Datsun history, but true to form get caught up in the "Goertz Myth" pretty early on.

Nice car though...

Anyone want to send 'em a letter of correction?

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I wonder if a mass correction to all motoring writers in OZ could be arranged?????

Perhaps with Alan T's help, a press release could be arranged.

Thankfully the editor of ARN has a rally prepared zed and is aware of the history, one down and "x" to go...

go Rick go.....


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Yeh, go Rick go :) Actually most modern articles about the early Zeds appear to be steals from previous stuff. Nothing new, same old, same old, and the myths and misinformation get perpetuated.

The one that really annoys me is the one about the 280ZX being fat. It was actually lighter in total than the US 280Z IIRC, the bare body was lighter than the S30's, it was only the extra comfort and legally required equipment that pushed the total weight up.

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Gareth and the rest of you,

This is what I wrote.

Being the owner of a "Refreshed" 260Z Sports Coupe, I found your article to be well written and informative. James Flett can be justly proud of his beautifully restored car.

However, you may be interested to know that many members of the international Z Car community disagree with some of your comments regarding the history of the Z Car.

Should you be interested in obtaining an entirely different point of view as to the developement of the 240Z, written by long standing and respected Z Car enthusiasts who have carried out their own investigation, I suggest you log onto www.zhome.com and scroll down the left hand side to "The True History Of The Z Car", paying particular attention to "The Goertz Myth".

While I fully expect that you will completely disregard this email, placing it in the "It's a load of crap" file, as I believe many other Z Car authors have done, I hope you prove me wrong and do a little investigative journalism.

Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed your article and was pleased to see it placed so prominently in this great magazine.

Rick O'Brien.

How's that?????????????? good enough????????? now let's wait and see IF I get an answer.


:devious: :devious:

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Well, .. whatdoyaknow,

I've received an answer from the author of the article !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Attached to it was quite a nice email from the magazine to him, suggesting he reply to me.

UNFORTUNATELY, being an old fart who is just barely computer literate, I couldn't figure out how to attach the emails to this post, :stupid: :stupid: so I've sent them to Mike, asking him to do the honours for me.

Sorry to keep you all in suspenders, ROFLROFL


:devious: :devious:

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Well, now,

Until Mike posts the responding email for me, this is the crux of the reply.

Firstly, the Australian Classic Car Mag. contacted the author and said, in part;

My letter was "FRIENDLY", worth investigating and responding. and;

They checked out Zhome and found it well organised.

The author said;

He had "HEARD" that Count Goertz may have been a little liberal with the truth. He also said;He went to Zhome and printed off a "STACK OF PAGES" to read and will get back to me again.

Interesting HUH ???????????????


:devious: :devious:

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It would certainly make for an interesting article, however I wonder if such a magazine will give it the space it deserves. That said, if they're willing to give multi-issue coverage to an SLE Commodore, I could be presently surprised!! ROFL

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Whilst I believe it is important to set the record straight with regards to the Goertz myth with Z cars when it becomes apparent, at the same time I don't believe we should get too carried away.

The ACC, whilst being a magazine that has probably run more stories on British, European and US cars than Japanese over the years, has shown a keen interest in Z cars and has readily accepted and run reports with regards to events such as the Z Nationals and annual club concours.

To have a Z on the cover is testament to the time and effort that James put into his restoration as this is only the second occasion that a Japanese car has featured on the cover of ACC.

Whilst I believe that the people contributing to this discussion are well meaning and I respect their right to comment and certainly don't wish to wrongly criticise them, I believe we should be careful that this discussion doesn't end up an ACC bashing exercise which may do more harm than good.

ACC is a widely distributed mag and in my opinion the cover story can do nothing but bring extra recognition to the marque that we all greatly appreciate and enjoy.



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Rest assured mate, this is NOT nor will it BE a ACC bashing exercise.

It seems that mike failed to receive my email asking him to do the honours for me (Must still be floating around somewhere), so, I'll type it in.

The letter from ACC to the author reads;

"Hi Pat,

I was wondering if you could have a look at this and make a few comments- given the friendly tone of the letter, I figure it's worth investigating and responding to. I checked the website myself - it is well organised and the article is easy to skim through."

The author's response was;

"G'Day Rick,

Many thanks for taking the trouble of writing about the history of the Z car. I have heard before that Count Goertz may have been a little liberal with the truth.

It is a problem faced by so many writers faced with tight schedules and just not enough time to get to the bottom of some point of automotive history.

It would be an absolute luxury to have a couple of months to research correctly by travelling and interviewing those involved but this is just not possible for a monthly magazine. By all means if one was writing a book this sort of research is essential.

However I do have a number of quite recent publications on Nissan and if Carl Beck's writings are correct then many people in the past have inadvertently said the incorrect thing.

With so many marques and models, history has been rewritten again and again but it is really the people who write the words who also chronicle the history. I have read so many things on the internet that I know are misinformed - not intentionally of course. The only way to get the real story out there is to have it all published in book form for the world to see. Then await the response to what has been published. There really has been so little authoritative work written on Japanese automotive history that you honestly don't know what to believe.

In the meantime I have printed off a stack of pages from the site and will enjoy reading them when I have a little more time. I would like to get back to you after that.

Best wishes

Patrick Quinn."

I've already posted my letter to the ACC.

While the responses were not earth shattering or held promises of rewriting the history of the Z Car, I have to admit that I was surprised to receive an answer at all. It just goes to show that a friendly approach does receive results.

If and when I receive further communication from Mr. Quinn, I'll be sure to pass it on.


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