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do you know of any zcars in a simular color?

c david

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if so, please let me know. i'm down to two choices and one of these might be one. if i could see a zcar in a simular color, it would me much easier to decide.


the link will show you the colors.


sorry i was not very specific. i'm looking for a 240z in an updated version of the original burnt orange.

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that is just the type of response i was looking for. i would love to see an early car in a blend of the eclipse and maclrean colors. if i were a tech guru, i might take a picture of my car and magically put it's possible new paint on it for a look see.


thank you for the pics...

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e, if you register, you will get access to the link but full access as a registered user comes later.

these are the cars i need to see and i would like to thank you in advance for saving me many hours of gallery viewing as the search function is not nearly as efficient as your memory.


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