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please help me figure out this wiring!


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I pulled my dash today in order to fix my radiator drain ****, and when I pulled the dash, 3 wires came unplugged from a relay before I could do anything about it. I have no idea what order the three wires plug into, or what the relay is, but I believe it to be the turn signal relay, because the turn signals no longer work, but the emergency flashers do.

The relay is right next to the wire that goes to the plunger for the drivers side door.

What is it?


also, behind the heater control panel, there is a couple harnesses with ends on them, any idea where these wires attach to? I have no idea myself, and they weren't hooked up before, and I'm shitty at reading wiring diagrams.

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The relay on the driver's kick panel is the HORN Relay. The terminals should be labeled H - S - B. Wiring is as follows: Green to H(orn), Green/Red to B(attery), and Green/Black to S(witch).

As far as the ones behind the HCP, you'll have to be more specific. That's the "nerve center" of the car and literally ALL of the circuitry goes through there in some manner or fashion. There are several connectors that don't get hooked up unless you have some specific items and ..... So at least give us the # of wires in the connector, a description of the connector and the colors of the wires, that will REALLY help.

By the way your duplicate post ends up being seen in the same area, either "Today's Posts" or "New Topics", and you aren't doing anything more than using up disk space.



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