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Crank Dampers


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A harmonic dampener does as it's called to your crank shaft. The stock Z just had a plan ol' bottom pully with slots for fan belt and other belts like A/C if fitted.

Think about the initial shock that gets transmitted down the conrod to the crank the instant the burn takes place...this sends harmonics through your crank. Harmonics are in every crank but they do cause premature wear to bearings. The wear is not measurable but if you are spending thousands on a hot race engine, it would make sense to add a balancer of some description. For a DD...probably not required. Imagine hitting a steel rod with a hammer...it vibrates all over the shop. Now hit it again with your hand on one end and the vibration is dampened...get it.

Most common balancers are rubber type (I think) but the really trick ones use a silicon goo type stuff....I'm just curious...it's probably only necessary if you're racing.

I'm no authority on this. Does anyone know if one was made for the L6?

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There are two places to get them...

MSA has a EURO Damper for $118 and the special crank bolt is another $30.

Nissan Motorsports has the same setup for about the same price. They also have one they advertise as a Race Damper for $500 plus another $40 for the bolt.

I use the MSA version on my ITS racecar that is full race prepped. I think that is all you would need for anything more than a full-blown killer ($15K or more worth) of race engine - which is where you wouldn't mind spending the $500.

For a daily driver I think $150 could be used a lot more wisely.


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An L6 HAS needs to have a harmonic balancer. It's good you are shopping for one. Don't fall into the argument of, "the L6 is internally balanced and doesn't need one". All those little bangs have to go somewhere...and a damper is a good place--instead of your bearings. It has nothing to do with balance. I recently found one cheaper than MSA.....Nismoparts.com lists one for $80. HAven't seen or used it.


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Well..I'm planning on having the thing balanced anyway as I want to build a real solid base so if I want to mod the top end at a later date...I know that I don't have to mess with the short block at all.

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ATI makes a elastomeric type dampner for the L6 engines. They come in several different styles and weights with or without a pulley attached.

They make a 7" 8lb and a 6" 5lb version with some alloy ones as well. The 2 mentioned are the most common.

Any inline 6 engine has pretty good balance from the get-go, but the length of the crank causes some serious harmonics and can damage the rotating assembly in a heartbeat if thrown off.

The worst damaged engines always seem to be inline 6's when they go. It is important to use studs on the mains and ARP rod bolts on the rods for regular visits to 7500 rpm.

The ATI balancer helps cancel out those harmonics. Not really necessary on engines living below 6500 rpm (street). But if you plan on hitting the track much and shifting above 6500, a balancer is a good investment.

BTW, the Euro pulley etc is not a harmonic dampner. It does have effect, but not in the manner of the dampner.

Summit racing is selling the 7" for $415.


1973 240Z (Open track monster)

1980 Euro 911 (I hope to make a deal on this one!)

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