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Helmet hot air extraction


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Helmets (even cycling helmets) have those vents on the top or the back, but you don't really feel the air flow or any coolness. So the forced air helmets gave me an idea:

What about using a small fan ( 5v computer fan?) to extract the warm air from inside the helmet? It could easily be fixed to the top or back vents, and a 9-volt battery gives power for a whole day- even if you leave it on for a whole day. I doubt if it ever got loose, it would be a dangerous object. There would probably be other, more dangerous things loose in the car than a fan which weights 1.5 oz. (50g).


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Garry, I think you should go check to see you took your pill today. Or see if you need to get a stronger pprescription. j/k

Did you ever wear one for a time? they get hot in the summer, even cycling/motorcycle helmets, and that is not fun.

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I dont think a computer fan and battery would be the way to go, damn helmets weigh too much as it is and here in australia you arent meant to attach anything to your helmet.

The done thing here seems to be to attach a blower system to the helmet (we do it in off road racing because it keeps you cool and the dust out). The blower of choice seems to be a Kombi heater motor mounted out of sight with a bit of tube that can either go to a plumbing fitting on your visor, or if you lash out and buy a fancy Bell helemt, they have a in vent already on the body of the helmet.

I agree, helmets suck for any long period of time especially in the heat. Attached are a couple of systems so you get the idea.




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