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Treating inside/outside of gas tank with POR15 products and removing evaporation tank

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I always felt one function of the evap tank is to separate fuel from air and vapor, such that liquid fuel wouldn't glurp into vent line and dribble out the bottom of the carbon canister. Anyway, it's a complicated little bit of engineering (so many tubes!), so I figure there was some thought put into it and probably reasons as to why it was done the way it was done. As old as I am, I can recount several times when I've simplified something, only to find that there was good reason for the baffling complexity.

If I were stripping down a 240 to race, the evap tank would probably go. But for a 280 that's a DD, it only makes sense to preserve the original design. Just my opinion.

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Good info in here.... I will have to reread this again when I start the re-assembly of my car... To keep the evap or not? hmmmmm

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I will definitely inspect the system and hoses upon dissassembly and check for leaks. I will probably keep the system as it is designed too. The only reason I would remove it would be excessive damage or lack of proper replacement parts.

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