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If there isn't an external fuel filter by the electric pump (at the gas tank) then there is a mesh screen on the bottom of the fuel pump (oem nissan) that comes off by pushing up on the bottom of the pump and twisting.....you just clean the screen and put it back. Each SU carb has a banjo fitting from the fuel line to the carb--there are mesh screens in there that should be cleaned (or permanently removed) as well.

Nice car man!! congrats! I wish my doors had as smooth of a reflection as yours, and those doglegs! those doglegs! they look great!

I mean man, you got a nice set of doglegs on her, YES!

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I checked the filters inside the banjo fitting at the carb and they looked OK. I'll be replacing the fuel filter in the engine compartment tomorrow along with some fuel lines.

Based on what Dogma said above, I did some more checking and was surprised to find an E.P. near the gas tank, after reading in a restoration manual that the 240Z didn't have one. Is the book wrong or did the previous owner add this? It looks like I have the older OEM Nissan version with the twist-off bottom. Any idea what I can expect when I twist off the bottom?

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Worldwide, all 240z's (except USA) as I recall came with the 'pusher' electric rear pump...for instance, my 72 240z has the wires, and they are live, but there is no pump. They put them mandatory on the 73 240z because of the emissions of the flat tops and issues with vapor lock--pushing the fuel from the rear helps with vapor lock.

The fuel pump bottom should be a screen--and cleanable...

Just a FYI--I have an almost new NIssan OEM fuel pump from a 74 260z, same exact one in your 73....if you're interested in purchasing it, let me know. Brand new it was $400 bought in '95, pulled and stored in the garage since '96....in a dry place, still looks good doubt there is any issue with it.

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Ok, no more missing/bogging. Turns out I had a bad plug wire. I got a new set with the purchase of the car so I swapped them for the old and voila! I didn't figure out which one was bad and I don't really care. I also replaced the filter in the engine compartment and all the fuel lines except for the ones between the folat bowl and the base of the carb. It is running much better and will actually rev past 4k now.

The next step is to ditch the P.O.S coil that's in there, replace the fuel hoses on the base of the carbs and the ones near the fuel tank, as well as cleaning out the fuel pump filter.

Also, the fuel pump makes a loud tap tap tap tap tap when I turn on the key. It quiets down a bit after 30sec or so but continues on like that indefinitely. Is this normal? Should I be able to see some air near the top of the fuel filter in the engine compartment or should the pressure keep it completely full. I would think it should be totally full since the pickup is near the top. Comments?

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