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3.0 Engine running, kinda


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I finished my resto almost. I had my old crew member Steve from ZTherapy do my 2 1/2" exhaust system. (It looks great!) We started the new engine and it fired up the second we hit the starter. Steve tuned his new ZT carbs and I went for a short drive. It was at night and one of the bulbs was out on my dash. It just happened to be the OIL pressure gauge. We had 90# when we started the car. Anyway, I had driven the car about 3 miles and was on my way back when I noticed the valves started to 'clack'. When I got to the shop where there is an outside light, I noticed the oil gauge was down on pressure. I do not know what it was pumping but the lifters (P90A) were collapsing. I shut her down and we pushed her back into Steve's shop. We talked about the situation and decided it must be the oil pump. It had 90+ pressure and then the relief valve would kick in and stick open. We had a little pressure all of the time so I do not feel the crank/rod bearings were hurt. I ordered a new turbo pump and waited for the UPS truck to arrive. I got 2nd Day Air treatment on Friday and I installed the pump on Sat. BINGO! We now have 75# pressure and the engine runs great. I have an appointment with the alignment shop on Monday. All I need now is to have the HOOD fit properly (see Body and Paint forum) and I am finally done with this complete resto. 13 months of blood, sweat and tears! :knockedou

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I am having problems with my camshaft and lifters. It is a solid cam with hydraulic lifters. (They do not grind a cam for hydraulic lifters, so I am told) I know you cannot run this combo in other engines. Raver Motorsports built this head with this camshaft. Here is the problem:

You can start the car and it will run OK. After it runs for about 5 minutes the lifters guit working. I believe they over pump and the engine has no compression. It will not restart until the lifters leak back down. When you check the compression, there is none! After it sets overnight, you have compression and it will start.

Anyone else running the P90A head? What camshaft are you using? Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this head w/o changing to solid lifters? :(

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I believe the 'A' head is the same except for the lifters. It is easier to change to solid lifters/adjusters and put some mouse springs on the rockers. I believe that is all I need to do in order to run the solid cam in a P90A head. (Actually it will become a P90 head) Am I wrong about this? There must be some gearheads out their who have played with these heads????

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