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  1. Nice one. Throw away the mufflers and leave it open. Sounds MEAN. Dave
  2. Rich, Aero work will come after suspension. Low king springs and worn gabriel shocks not cutting it. Hehe. Dave
  3. zhead, Not too sure on the top speed, maybe 130-140mph? Should be a lot higher with something resembling corner-speed and more than 10psi. Dave
  4. Rich, Yeah was great fun! Oh and remember the S13/Z31 rear brakes you sold me ages back? They went on 5 minutes before I left for the track (had to fab caliper brackets that morning). Worked a treat. I was worried about brake bias but all was well. Dave
  5. Thanks guys. Can't wait to get more than a measly 10psi through it. Off to the drags next Sunday so we'll see what she can do. Dave
  6. Thought you guys might be interested in having a laugh (at me): http://www.jrcarparts.com/vidz/Dave240ZCalder.wmv Pick the n00b. Dave
  7. Is this lexan `glass' you're talking about by any chance? Dave
  8. Seeing as you posted this in the Racing forum, do you have any specific class in mind? Might be good to check with the rules as to what you're allowed to do. Unless you're doing club sprint stuff like I am planning on, in which case, do whatever you want, immediately AFTER doing a search. Dave
  9. Errr.. I think making the front springs softer will only be an issue over bumps, if you're wanting to adjust roll stiffness (because you think you are overloading the front outside during cornering), just loosen the front bar off a notch or two. When you say maxed out strut settings, what does that mean? You are running a locked rear end (as am I), so you will need some toe-out to get better turn in, and a more rear-roll biased car (less front bar, more rear bar) to combat the understeer feel. That combined with as much castor as you can poke a stick at, and appropriate camber should be ok: as in whatever the track/pyrometer tells you. More details as to your settings at the moment would help with the advice. Dave
  10. Rocker panels? I'm not sure what you mean? Sounds like a good idea to me though. Dave
  11. Sounds good. Looks like you've got a fair bit of camber on the front there, mind if I go kinda of off topic and ask what castor/radius rods and tie rod ends you are running? Many thanks, Dave
  12. Tis a worry to be sure, noone likes to spend money to have the tyres disintegrate. What size rubber are you running in the V700s? And what compound? Dave
  13. Preith, Yep that sounds like it. Good to hear they are back, I heard that if you could get them not to die they were unbelievable. I wonder how long until they filter down under. Are they readily available in the states? The V710s I mean. Dave
  14. preith, I've heard tell the V710s have been recalled due to some cars having serious problems. The replacement is apparently the V800 which looks something like this: http://www.kumhotyre.com/products/details.asp?curpage=110&brand_pkid=&tyre_type_pkid=&width=&aspect=&speed=&Rim=&sub_type=&stdrim=&tube_type=&sidewall=&load_index=&load_index2=&pattern_name=&SearchType= This is just rumour though.. make of it what you will. Dave
  15. I just took the rims in to get 225/50R16s V70As put on them after getting the lips rerolled (2nd hand simmons). Will take pics when they're on the car.. poxy white.. but anyway. Thanks for the advice. Dave
  16. Richard, Sorry to dig this up but did you go with the V70As? And how did you find them? I'm very seriously considering them for my zed. Dave
  17. Good job dude, can't wait to hear about a proper first drive. Dave
  18. http://www.ozdat.com/ozdatonline/enginedesign/ Not hard to figure out compression (static). Dave
  19. Couldn't agree more Steve. But then, even people who put the effort in themselves aren't not likely to be happy taking criticism, and they should be the ones who are more aware of any short-comings (from performing the design) as opposed to someone who just brought a product. Dave
  20. If its not a FI orientated intake, then why are you bothering compromising the velocity stack radii, adding all that weight, reducing tunability, bringing flow distribution into question, etc by not running individual throttle bodies on the end of plain-jane runners? As a matter of interest, what does the manifold flow @ 25"Hg? Dave
  21. Sounds like it'll be fun still. What turbo are you planning on? What ECU? What cooler? Dave
  22. Remember, you want to match the cam with the exhaust manifold, turbine A/R, exhaust size. The crow cams appear to have a fair amount of overlap (but very low ramp rates so it doesn't really matter). Next cam I get will be in the 230-240 0.05" dur range. Should be more suited to the GT35R 0.82 housing and we'll see what it'll do. Dave
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