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throttle opening? position?


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hi guys, I just heared from my uncle that the throttle should have n opened gap while idle.. I thaught that the adjustable screw does the function of passing idle air..

I'm now confused weather he is right or I am?! does anyone have any idea about it?

and does anyone knows how to adjust the throttle valve position switch/sensor? coz if i free the 2 screws and turn it clockise and anti clockwise nothing happen.. is it damaged?


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I would ck with the dealer on this, had the same deal with mine one time and dont remember which way it was to go, but reset it back to the orig position, I think right is open but ya know im really not sure, ck with the dealer , they should tell you without having to see the car.

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Don't know about the Datsun injection, but most other injection systems close the throttle completely at idle, and use the idle control valve to regulate that. Carbs are different, they typically have the tiniest opening at the throttle plate(s).

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