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PICS!! Suspension ALL set to install! yeppie!! haha... i love springs


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That is the same suspension I have. I love it for the street and low traction days on the autox course. I am binding the coils on the rear at every race now (warm dry days = high traction) no matter how I set the shocks, but that suspension is not meant for an F prepared Z car anyway. It is great for a street prepared or street mod car though and like I said it is killer for the street. With street tires the car stays very flat.

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A point of clarification, those tokico shocks aren't 5-way adjustable, they're two-way-fixed-rate adjustable. You are only changing bump and rebound, and simultaneously at that.

Not meaning to rain on your parade, just got all excited then disappointed when I read more about them. Hope she handles like a dream!


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