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black box iggy or not?


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i recently purchased a 74' 260z with a built L28 swapped in from justazcarguy.

problem here is my ignition system. it has an E.I. from mallory, but engine "stumbles" through the RPM band (doesnt matter if its high or low rpm's) the motor is built like i said:

silver dllar pistons,P&P n42 head, 6-2-1 header&exhaust,schneider aggressive camshaft,10 or 11:1 comp ( i cant remember), DUAL point mallory dizzy, and last but not least triple 44mm mikkies!

so should i "rebuild" the mallory dizzy or swap to a 280zx dizzy ???hmmm... i wonder whats easier? the mallory also has an aftermarket ignition box. and i heard the black box dizzy wont take to the mallory ignition box. help at this point would be nice. :stupid:

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It's going to be difficult to diagnose over the internet. You'd be better off contacting Phred (member here) he's on the other side of Portland from JustaZcarguy, and he might be able to offer help. Otherwise ask Brian where he used to take it to get tuned up or invite him over for a beer and pizza to help you tune it.



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Welcome to the club. Phred rebuilt that head and did a valve job on it not long ago. With the ZX ignition you wont need the black box that you are using now. The ZX ignition has a module on the side of the dist that is all that is needed. You will need a ignition coil that is for a electronic ignition. If the wireing hasn't been cobb up it is a easy mod and will worth the trouble. Find a '79-80 ZX ignition with a 12 - 80 module and a you are good to go. Gary

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thank you all. i think im going to like being part of this "web-clan" you guys are so much more helpful than those ricers ive been associating with. autozone said they'd get me a zx dizzy complete for 110$ ? sound good? its rebuilt so i wont have to play with that whole "ball bearings are loose" ordeal. oh yeah, does it have to be a 79-80 dizzy? or can it be turbo? thank you all again for your generous support of OPB...oh wait, thats on later tonight.....

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