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Florida Z Fest AutoX is rescheduled for 7/30!!


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The rain has forced us to reschedule this event twice! Based on everyones feedback we have tried to keep the event on a Saturday. We got LUCKY and were able to get the event moved to Gainesville Raceway on their road course!

The event will be on 7/30 from 10am to 6pm!

If you had previously signed up and paid for the AutoX your entry fee will be applied toward this new date. Limited refunds are available if you can't make it but PLEASE try to come! We had 40 cars coming last time! Let's try for 50 this time!

Check http://zfest.net for more details... we will update that website within the next few days.

You will be able to signup online and pay via paypal.

We need EVERYONE who is coming that had pre-registered for previous events to re-confirm your attendance! Send an email to [email protected] for more information, additionally, the re-confirmation process will be posted on the Z Fest Website (http://zfest.net)

If you're not going to race PLEASE COME ANYWAY! This will be a fun event for all!

Hotel info is here click here


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Nice job on promoting this event! We've been getting an unbelievable response! AWESOME! Everywhere I go to post info, you've already been there! :)

Some updates that I have been posting:

If you signed up and paid previously, re-confirm your attendance by filling out this form... http://www.zfest.net/autox_reg.htm

If you're signing up for the first time and paying via paypal, use this page... MAKE SURE YOU ALSO FILL OUT THE SIGNUP FORM AFTER YOU PAY VIA PAYPAL! http://www.zfest.net/autox_main.htm

We plan on meeting at Bill Coffeys house on Friday night (7/29) at 6pm for Tech inspection, beers, barbeque and gear head stuff. Bill's house is only a few minutes away from a couple bars and 4 miles from the track! He's got a 1700 sq foot garage and a great place to hang out!

We are also going to coordinate everyone to stay at the same hotel... I will post those details on Tuesday.

I'll post directions to everything shortly! STAY TUNED!

Even if you're not planning to race please come anyway! How could ya not come to an ALL Z road coarse event?!



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Nice job on promoting this event! We've been getting an unbelievable response! AWESOME! Everywhere I go to post info, you've already been there! :)

:smoke: I think I have just about every Z related forum out there and some Nissan ones where some Z guys hang out.

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Here's an update on the Track Day with answers to most of your questions:

We have the track from 10am to 6pm

We are on our own for lunch, no BBQ or cooking is allowed at the track

Drivers 17 years old must have their parents sign a parental consent form

If you get 2 tires off the track, you'll get a DNF for that run

If you get 2 tires off multiple times you're day will be over (track rules)

If you get 3 tires off the track, the track officials will talk to you... any other tires off will result in you not being allowed to run any more that day.

We are still working on timing equipment, otherwise we will need volunteers for hand timing

Tech inspection and hanging out on Friday night (7/29) at Bill Coffeys house starts around 6pm... no BBQ, we'll go to the restaurant down the street to eat

No passing allowed

So far, the track insurance does not allow instructors or passengers, we're working on getting an additional rider on the insurance policy, but assume for now that no passengers will be allowed (bummer).

Since no passengers or instructors are allowed, we will be allowed to have a few sessions (parade laps) where you can follow an instructor and they will show you the line around the track.

The hotel that we've arranged for lodging is called the Cabot Lodge. Book your room and tell them you are with the Florida Z Fest and you should get a rate of $71 per night or better. Their phone number is 352-375-2400 -or- 800-843-8735. They offer a complimentary continental breakfast and a complimentary evening reception. The cutoff to get the discounted rate at the hotel is 7/19.

Directions to Bills on Friday night:

His address is 3862 NW 37th Street in Gainesville

If following I75 North take exit 390

Make a right on NW 39th Ave go 4 miles

Make a right on NW 37th Street

Bills house is the first house on the right

Directions to the hotel

Address 3726 SW 40th Blvd

If following I75 North take exit 384

Make a right on Archer Road

Left on SW 40th Blvd to the Cabot Lodge

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I arrived around 10:30 in the morning after a three-hour drive North from Sarasota. It was a typical Florida summer day - "Africa-hot". By the afternoon though, a slight breeze came up and it wasn't so bad in the shade. Around 40 cars showed up and there was plenty to watch.

The Gainesville course is is very open allowing lots of room for mistakes, however most everyone behaved very well and we didn't have any incidents that I know of. The track was built for driving schools and test performance. It is longer than a slalom course yet shorter than a road course. Maximum speeds af 80 or 90 mph can be attained and the corners vary from hairpin sharp to wide open drifting sweepers.





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Great pictures and some outstanding looking Z's.

Why wasn't #26 out there blowing out some of the carbon buildup?

Whoever brought the tents should have charged admission by the minute based on the last picture.

I was considering attending as a spectator but the 250 mile drive in my old '71 with zero air-conditioning was a challenge I avoided. It was much cooler on the boat Sat & Sun.

Everybody should be thankful that the event was not washed out by the summer thunder-boomers.

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