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Stains in paint


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I think there are 'stains' in the paint on my hood finisher panel, (below the windscreen). It looks like little spots maybe from oil, or dirt of something else. I've tried to scrub the paint woth soap & water, and it didn't seem to help, and I don't think I want to try anything stronger yet.

I did a little sanding with 100 grit to get some roughness out, but I don't think it helped either.

I might try a little mineral spirits next, or is there something that might get the stains out?


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If you already sanded with 100 grit and that didn't get rid of the paint, then you're either dealing with dried POR or some of the undercoating / rust preventer's shot underneath the cowl (aka Hood Finisher).

If it is undercoating or rust-preventer, you might get rid of the main part of the stain, but probably not any discoloration due to the length of time that it may have been stuck on there (don't forget UV paint fade as well as plain old staining due to the petroleum content).



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