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Underdash Panels


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I looked through the Microfiche CD, and I didn't see any pictures of the panels under the dash, kickpanels, or whatever is under there. I know there is supposed to be a panel on the side where the fusepanel is; which is one thing I probably need to get. I only have one piece with the curved end (looks like a ski) that goes along the bottom edge of the dash.

Does anybody know what it's called on the Microfiche CD, or which screen to look at, or even where one might order kick panels?


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Tomohawk, How about giving Victoria British or Motorsport Auto a call. They have this sort of stuff and its worth your while to get their cataloges. The cataloges provide you with pretty good visual references too.

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I see four in my car. One over the ECU on the drivers side, one directly below the dash from the door to the console (the hood release lever and vent knob go through that one), the one you mention on the right side below the glove compartment, and the one over the fuse box (made from fibreboard not plastic like the ohters). There are also two plastic panels where the carpet meets the firewall in either footwell.

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