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Freebies and parts for sale


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all the items came off a stock 73 240z

- free front stock sway bar, no mounts.

-free fan with clutch, one pieced together to fit a 240z radiator spacing from 280z clutch and 300zx fan, other fan off a volvo, does not fit L-series waterpump

-free set of 4 stock datsun springs. I think they're rated around 110 lbs/in?

-pair of front stock sumitomo 240z calipers. pads seem to be ok, calipers worked when they came off the car. also a pair of front stock Z rotors. doesn't look like they've been turned, just covered in thin surface rust, but worked fine when removed. make me an offer for the combo

-r180 rear diff with r180 mustache bar - no halfshafts. was removed from a running car and replaced with an r200, make me an offer.

i'm in fremont, california, for local pick up only, please. If no one picks these up, most of them will go in the trash as I can't use them for spare parts. I'll see if I can get pictures later. email me at aux@highrpm.org

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-addition: 2 starters and an alternator - condition unknown, they seem to be in decent shape.

come on guys, someone must want these items, or I'll wind up tossing them away!

springs and sway bar are gone, user from this board picked them up last weekend.

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I am going to Shasta this weekend. If there is anyone that is going between Fremont and Sacramento before Friday and can get the parts to me I will be glad to take them to Shasta to give away.

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