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Z newb here.


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hello all,

i'm Dave the new guy here.

i just bought my first Z car, a 74 260 4-speed with 44,000 miles. a lady bought it new here in Vancouver and owned it until 2001 when it changed hands.

it needs floor pans and carpets, 4 struts, a driver's seat refurb and a paint job. everything else works great (clock and power antenna included).

i am putting on Tokico Illumina's (?sp) this week, and plugging the holes in the floor until next winter's date with the torch.

i had been toying with the idea for a few years now and happened to see this car advertised locally and jumped at the chance.

more to come,


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G'Day Dave,

A hearty welcome from the Land Down Under.

Spend some time looking around the site. You'll be AMAZED at the amount of information you'll find regarding Zed cars. If you've got aproblem and can't find the answer in one of the threads you only have to ask the question and someone will have the answer.

You'll find that we're a friendly bunch of blokes.


:devious: :devious:

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Welcome to the club.

For floors, I know that Zedd Findings based out of Kingston, Ontario (http://www.datsunzparts.com/NewParts/summary.htm) has replacement floors.

You might also want to check with Ross @ Modern Motorsports (http://www.modern-motorsports.com/catalog/default.php) for a look at the goodies he produces. FYI Ross is a great guy who produces quality parts and is based out of Vancouver.


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thanks for the info. i had already found out about the place in kingston, i actually lived there for 3 years, and grew up about 45 minutes from there, in a town called Perth.

i picked up the Tokico's adjustables today and will have them in sometime monday. i have decided to do the 1" drop with Suspension Techniques springs while everything is out. $$$$$.

i like to play with the settings on my ZX-9R, so thought i would like to have some adjustability in the car as well. but at $165.00 cdn a corner plus springs and the shop rate, it adds up quickly.

will the standard tokico struts do? or is it worth double to be able to play around a bit??

rick, your car looks great. my biased opinion as i also have the #301 paint, but with the ginger interior.


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G'Day Dave,

Yair, I just LOOOOVE the colour of my Z. It's the original colour of the car.

The bloke who did the paint job did a sample panel to show us how it looked. When my "She Who Must Be Obeyed" saw it, she suggested a gold sparkle would look good so he gave it a top coat of gold pearl. In the shade she,(the car that is), looks just like she has a nice paint job but in the sun, she SPARKLES.

My wife gave the car the nickname "PRECIOUS".

"Precious" is also a '74 260Z but she's a Coupe.


:devious: :devious:

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