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Great Z story


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Just got back from a local car show (mostly street rods and muscle cars-took a Top 30 plaque with the Rice Rocket!) and met a guy with a great Z story. Seems he bought a 70 240 brand new while on leave from 'Nam. Had to go back 8 mos. later, and sold it to a buddy. Fast forward to now; he and his son are in Cali. to look at an old truck project and decide to look up the old Army buddy. He finds the guy and goes to his home. THE OLD BUDDY STILL HAS THE Z, IN PERFECT CONDITION!!!!!!! He then sells it back to the original owner! The original owner drives it back to Florida, and is ready to get back into the Z community. Made my day. I will be going to see this car in the near future, as it is local. I'll try and get pics, with the owners permission.

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