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I'm back!


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G'day fellas,

Been a while seen I last posted but I have some greta news, well for me anyway! :lick:

Buying another 240K coupe tonight, 1974 model, white (and re-sprayed in 2 pak last year), absolutely 100% straight it's amazing, 100% original inc motor, interior immaculate.

The car is automatic and two spots of surface rust along the rear screen.

Now the price; $400!!!

How did this happen you might ask? Well long before I sold every imaginable 240K part I had, along with my coupe, I saw it not far from home in front of someone's house. I spoke to the owner, it's his Mum's car and he used it every now and then for work. Anyway I left my number and hadn't heard from him until last week.

He asked me to make an offer and being short of cash, with the offer of $350 I made I was expecting him to laugh! He say's 'add another $50, make it $400 square and it's your's'.

Well tonight is the night, I'm back in business with the old K.


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Will have to post photo's soon, depends on access to a digicam!

Not my car in the avatar, however I think I have my attempted replica in the photo gallery, I got as far a tubbing the rear arches, flare fitment, re-spraying, but didn't have original tail lights or grille.

Not too sure what I'll do with this new one, might just fit wheels, lower it, exhaust, manual box.

I'm looking after this one!


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