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miles per gallon?


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Hey Hey Z people

can you guys tell me what kind Of MPG I should expect on my L28

Her are the specks of my engine

F-54 .020 thou over

N-42 w/schnider(460 273) cam and valve train

su's with SM needles

header 6-2-1

stock muffler

5 speed tranny

3.54 rear end

What should I be getting 17 19 22 ? I have no idea


Rock on Z people


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The 77 gets gallons per mile rather than miles per gallon :D . I never really thought of the Z car as a gas saver, so to speak, even back in the 70's. Now, I'm not comparing the car to 70's V-8's but how did the Z match up to other vehicles of simular (I know, I know, there's none to us) class back then?

Triumphs, TVR's, The pitiful Mustang II, etc.


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Exactly, how can you even think about mileage when you have such a fun car to drive as a Z. On the gas, going through the gears, off the gas, back-fire, back-fire, rumble rumble, then on the gas again.

Hmm, sounds like music with a repeating chorus to me! :love:

And there is no gas mileage in that song...

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I rebuilt an 81 F54 (new rings & bearings) and matched that up with an early E88 head with the bigger N42 valves, am using triple Mikuni 44 PHH carbs, and am getting almost 25MPG on the freeway - not much less around town.


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hey, ive got an n42 block, head with a schneider .460, 270; .460, 280 cam in mine with fuel injection, headers, 2 1/2" pipes to the back exhaust, msd, and well i get about 12 miles to the gallon but i also have a fuel leak from the tank now and if remeber correctly before the leak i got between 15- 17 depending on my driving so most of the time 15 heh. anyway hope that helps~ Jerrod

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