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SU carb spring needed!


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Even though it's nice to have fresh plating on my parts I'm a little pissed that the platers lost a small retaining spring for my carbs. Not exactly sure what it's called but, it sits at the end of the circled bolt in the attached picture, between the washer and the bracket. There are 3 springs that go on this bolt. One big one at the base next to the body, another one in between the two brackets and the one that I need at the end of the bolt. It's a flat spring with only 2 "coils". Does anyone have one?



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Thanks Gary,

I figured Ztherapy might have them. I'll give them a jingle.

BTW, not cold, cold yet, just chilly. It's been in the 60's. Gonna go visit S.Cal next month to warm up. :classic:

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Hey Ed,

Do you see it in the picture? I found this pic on the ZTherapy site under Products, under Zcar, and there are several SU carb pictures. I would check with Steve there.

You sure got your SUs looking nice! If you sent all those parts out for cleaning and plating and you only lost 1 spring? They did good.

Anyways call ZTherapy.



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