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Caen Fred

Fancy a trip to Spain via France?

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Not sure this will ever work, but we are setting up a trip from UK, Germany and all the northen country who will, to see Symon in Barcelona Spain via France.

We don't have the firm date as today but it should be in May. I was thinking that it wouldn't be fair not to propose to all the Z fan to join! It's a long wet drive frome the States, from Aussie land or kiwi's country... but if your arround maybe we could find room in our cars... and you would do the same in return if you set up same trip for us?

It wont be a canonball race, but more a spirited drive on our beloved nicest back-roads... So I can share my wheel... as today it's a slugish 280zx 2+2 but it's a nice looker, anyone for adventure?

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don't get over exited... any inputs...

Could be for an other trip, like Le Mans classic... or an other year...

what would be nice is to install this exchange basis... an event in an other continent and you (me) at the wheel of a Z...

My 0,2 cts of euro (almost 10$ by now...)

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After 2nd july I have couple of weeks holiday.. It would be nice to make a weeks journey to France etc.

Trip to Barcelona is quite long from the point where I live in...

Departure Torikatu — Joensuu

Destination Circuito de Barcelona — 08150 Parets

Date 23/02/2005

Time: 41h51 including 25h14 on motorways

Distance: 3362 km including 2695 km on motorways

Toll costs: 104.27 EUR

Petrol costs: 201.72 EUR

Total costs: 305.99 EUR

Maybe a shorter trip.... Like what the z-point has suggested... But the date is not good :( I think that i have a course to teach...:((((

4th Holland 2005 International Z Car meeting

18 – 21 august 2005

Thursday arrival

Friday and Saturday entertainment (we have to fill in )

Sunday track day

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Hey Fred,

It's a pity we are so far away, 'down under'. In my trips to Europe back in the 70's, I loved driving (riding) the roads and passing through the many small villages along the way from the South of France down to Barcelona and Sitges. It was a fantastic time and so different to here where we travel hundreds of kms between towns and the countryside quite often stays the same. At times it can be very boring, as opposed to Europe. Ah well, maybe one day!!


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