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a silly sill


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hi guys,

Need some ideas, have sills on both sides that are in rotten shape. best price so far is AU $450 for each side. Trying to get this car on the road asap, but yeah was hoping someone might have a cheaper alternative. fibreglass? cannot weld myself.



finnally found z rusty one.


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Sorry dude but honestly the best place is Zworx goto www.viczcar.com and follow the forums, recommended specialists has the contact details listed or in fact www.zworx.com.au i had to fix both of mine but it cost me ~$200 ea side.

Yours looks a fair bit worse so i think $450 is quite reasonable as it's not an easy area of the car the weld up.


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I should have mentioned this the other weekend. On one of my other Zeds I was getting the sills welded up at a panel beater near Zworx and it was only going to be just over $100 a side. they are a bit further down boundary rd and called I&S bodyworks or soemthing like that. This would be a single sheet replacement however, Rob was showing me something about the 3 layers he contends with in his repairs.


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When i read about your post James I thought well hang on you have to do them properly as I'm told they are a trick area and IMHO not worth going cheap on.

As i read on i realised what you were getting at though hehe.

Go Zworx Rob has done mine and I can't complain.


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Well many of the locals have seen my car on the rotisserie at zworx and more have seen photos. Going cheap is not something I have done on this car ROFL

At the same time if you are not after a "perfect" car as even the best of them wont be, I dont see anything wrong with just welding a new sheet over the sill after cutting out the rust with a grinder. It is still a sill and not exactly rocket science with no moving parts but if, as in my case, you are worried about rust returning and ruining your nice new glasurit paint job, then yes, properly may be better :)

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Hi grnskyline:

Sills... humm.. That's what we call the "dog leg".

See: http://zhome.com/Classic/CommonZRust/RustPrevention240Z.htm

Once you cut the old dog leg out of the way - you can treat any additional rust with some type of rust killer - then spray some paint in there.

Here in the US you can buy ready made replacements (patch panels) for about $38.00 each. Then the old metal is cut out and the new patch panels are welded in.

See http://www.rustrepair.com/

and/or http://www.rustrepair.com/app2/onlinecat.htm?p=sm-DATSUN

Tabo/Mill Supply makes them and many people sell them.

Past that point - the inner-fender is involved right at the rear of the dogleg and a small metal patch can be fabricated -- or you can buy the patch panels for that too.. then cut off what you need and weld them in..

I had mine done and it took about 4 hours of labor with an experienced metal man in the body shop doing the cutting, welding, grinding.. for each side. That included the time to clean out the panels behind the dog-leg and treat them with a rust killer (POR-15).. So about $195.00 per side US (at $40 per hour shop time). (that about 263.00 Australian Dollars)



Carl Beck

Clearwater,FL USA


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