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Hey ive started tearing my engine down getting ready for over haul. But ive run into a little (or big problem).

Im going to put new bearings,gaskets,water pump,fuel pump,timing chain with sprocket,new diss,and maby new cam.

I cant however buy anythang becouse i simply cannot find the size or displacement of this engine.( not haveing any money doesnt help either)

I posted a question asking for info awhile back and here is what i basicaly(as far as i can recall) got from the info i collected.

The engine block has a number the begans with l24 l26 and so on,i cant remmember what all.

But mine isnt like that.The number has nothing on the sort like that (as far as i can find).

It has a plate screwed on with the number p30 on it thats the only size markings i can find.The other look like part numbers.It has E88 manifold and head to. I knew about that but cant track down this block size. It came out of a 71 and its the same colour as the car (comp orange).

I could realy use some help! This has got me all confused LOL.

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Bill, look on the passenger side of the engine(oil filter side) look near the back just above the last two spark plugs for two surfaces that have been machined flat. The L2(whatever), and the serial number are stamped into them

I can send a picture if it will help.


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Bill , I would like to give you some advise that I hope you listen to. Forget the idea of doing a over haul yourself. You are getting in over your head here. I praise you for having the ambition to do it , but it is obvious form the questions and answers you have that you need much much more experience. You should keep an eye on ebay and find a Nissan shop manual , this is the most important tool that you should be looking for. You are looking to be spending some serious bucks here , and if one thing is done wrong it could be serious and ruin everything you have worked on. There is no way to know what parts you are going to need , or the sizes , untill you dissamble the engine. If you do go with a new cam you must also replace the rocker arms and lash pads as well . Valve seals and a valve grind also. Depending on the head you may need hardened valve seats. The cam is cheep , it's all the other stuff that gets costly.

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Im not exactly doing all this myself LOL.My dads is a engine mechanic and he is doing most of it. Im helping when i can( not very often LOL)

We dismantled it and found that it is in very good shape inside the block(he says anyway). It just needs to be freshend up.

Please keep in mind im only 16. I dont know much about anythang.:stupid:

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Finding the bottom end of these engines to be in good shape seems to be common. These are vary good engines and will run will over 200K and will do it before a rebuild if taken care of and not abused. Good luck with the project. This is a great time to learn and spend time with your dad at the same time. Great for the both of you. :classic:

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