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Opinions wanted: Window Tint (black/mirror!)???


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I finally decided that I wanted to tint my windows in my 280Z.

I was curious to see people's opinions on what type of window tint looks the best.. especially on Z's.

I mainly want to get window tint to

1) Not shatter on my face in an accident

2) Protect my interior from the sun

3) Protect my car from thieves discovering what I have inside

4) Exterior styling or an extra touch

My options are:

Black window tint, but light 17% or darker

Mirror Tint (Like the WRC Rally Subi WRX) not 100% mirror.

And this is all on an orange/red (persimmon) 280Z.

What does you guys suggest?

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IMO the mirror tint looks great on newer cars that have a metallic color paint job. To put a mirror tint on an older car just doesn't look right. And you don't want to go too dark. Because in the day time it's great but at night you can't see anything without having to roll down your window. 20-30% would be about the darkest I would go and semi-metallic (the metallic lasts longer than the regular tint). Look in my gallery and you will see mine 27% with a semi-metallic.

Edit: page two of my gallery and the drivers side window is down. But you can tell from the passenger window that it looks pretty good!

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Fold some aluminum foil around your door glass to see how it looks. If your car still has the chrome and Stainless trim, you might not like it as much as you think. The cars in your pictures all had very little if any chrome.

Do what makes you happy-it is your car!


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I've also wondered how the chrome tint would look on a classic car. I think it'd look really neat, or totally pathetic.

If you do mock up the al-foil windows please take apicture or two for interest's sake!

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Be careful considering the "mirror tint" option because it is illegal in many states where the sun shines most of the year. Some states also have limits on how dark the tints can be. If it is too dark you will limit your visibility from the drivers seat and create a safety issue.

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True. Many tints are illegal in some states. We have Limo tint on the 77. The car is "grandfathered in" becasue back in the seventies there were no restrictions on tints in Florida. The down side is at night, the reflections inside the cabin can obstuct your view, but we all know how dim our dash lights areLOL

The new fad here is candy tints. The ricers just keep making their cars more tacky IMO :sick:


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