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Very Dim Intrument Panel Lights


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Using a brighter bulb isn't going to make things easier to see. The real probblem is in the connectors and wiring. Connectors are all corroded and that means resistance and less voltage, which is what really makes the 12V bulbs brighter. This problem impacts every circuit in the car from the dome light to the fuel level gauge to the fuel injection system (on 280Zs).

An old dimmer switch might be the problem. You could bypass it by pulling off the connector on the back and shunting the two pins.

There are several, if not many, people here working on improving voltage and current flow through the wiring. I have some secret rust-potion on order and I will be trying it .

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Originally posted by Razor

are there generic dimmer switch? is it available off the shelf or do I have to get the specific one for my car.

It really doesn't matter. A dimmer switch is just a resistor. It's actually a rheostat which is a variable resistor. The less resistance the brighter the dashboard lights. If you simply bypass the dimmer switch the lights should be as bright as possible. If doing so makes the lights acceptably bright then you might consider getting a new switch; otherwise there's simply no point; the problem is not in the switch The switch in question is beneath the tachometer. The equivalent switch beneath the speedometer resets the trip odometer.

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