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need blinker help


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Hello, I am new to this board and have a few questions.

First off I would like to say I have read all of the many posts on blinker problems and tried many of the suggestions with no success.

the car: 1972 240 z

The problem: Right rear turn signal doesnt work. I can get a test light to light occasionally at the taillight harness, but it is much dimmer than at the left. I have tried cleaning both the turn signal switch and the hazard switch. I have also replaced both of their flashers (relays). I have current at the hazard swith and the blinker switch.

What are the 2 plugs that go through the floor at the rear of the car near the taillight panel? one has 1 wire , and the other has 2 wires. I ask this because when I put my test light into the plug with 2 wires it rapidly flashes, at a rate different than the hazards or blinker. I t does this flashing even when both hazard and blinker switches are off.

I belive this is a ground problem, a but I am unsure where the ground to the rear blinkers is located.

Thanks, any and all advice is appreciated.

Cory Thompson

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I had pretty much the same problems. I took the turn signal off of the column and gave it a good cleaning. This got a few of these problems to stop. I still have a problem with my right sinal not working.

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1. Clean the connectors

2. Clean the connectors

3. Check voltages along the way & clean again. Look for broken wires & such.

Don't forget to clean the cennectors at the tail light harness and the sockets themselves. Make sure the bulb is a good one.

Whatever it is, it's something simple. You'll :stupid: yourself later.

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I live on Grand Junction

Thanks everyone for the replies. I am sure it is something simple such as a bad wire or connection, I just cant seem to find it

I have tried new bulbs and 3 different tailight harnesses

Thanks again

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I have a "buzzer probe" for such occasions. Instead of buying new bulbs and things, you just hook up the buzzer, especially, if you are working alone.

Just a cheapo buzzer from Radio shack, glue it to a tongue depressor/stick. One wire with alligator clip for ground and one with with a pin/nail for probing.

Really helped when I was fixing the horns!! LOL

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