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I am contemplating buying a 260z 2+2. I really like the style of the car and all zeds for a that matter, but i think it would be much better with fuel injection. I was thinking of using the existing carb manifold, and fitting two small throttle bodies in place of the carbs and fitting bosses for the injectors. And then using either a 280xz or skyline computer. Has anyone done this? i know of a guy who did it with at 280zx manifold, but i think twin throttle body would be more responsive. any comments?

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Injection is great, especially on a Zed, as those wacky Hitachi SU things don't seem to work (they didn't on my 260 anyway!). So definately go to injection, but you are probably better off using a 280zx / Skyline manifold than grafting injectors and throttle bodies on to a stock manifold because:

* It's a lot less work

* The standard computer will be tuned to a standard plenum chamber manifold. Admittedly this shouldn't make too much difference as they use an air flow meter instead of a manifold pressure sensor, so you may get away with it, but don't be too surprised if it's out of tune.

* Having driven my Westfield (kit car) with both the standard manifold and then with quad throttle bodies, I can say that having a plenum makes stuff all actual difference to respose (On a Toyota 1600 anyways)

Note: If you decide to use the Skyline/280zx manifold, you will have to cut injector scollops into your ports and drill and tap four extra holes into your head. (Cylinder head that is ROFL ).

Best of luck with it!

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