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Kpgc110 Gt-x

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To those that have responded to my first posting.

I am new to this type of communication. Would like to be able to show some photo's but not sure as to how to do it . Can some one email me private is okay and tell me how. To answer some queries about this car. 1/ It is body i.d. kpgc110 (which is origonally for the GT-R0 however as the Japanese (Nissan) built cars in those days they either ID. the car for a model and then discontinued that model, or they used another model and up-graded the mechanical. This is evident with my car of which I have documentation from Japan. It should have had an S20 but because it was an export was refitted with an L20 and twin Solex carbies. I still also have that motor. I mislead people into thinking mine had an S20. No I have an S20 motor and am still waiting on some parts.The false impression of the build at Nissan was evident with the godfather of all Skylines. The Prince Skyline, which I have two off as well. Does anyone know the real reason why the GT-R was not exported with the S20. In 1972 the Aust. gov outlawed the build of muscle cars (Monaro, Charger and GTHO-3) and as Nissan Japan was trying to capture the Aust market they decided not to export the GT-R as they felt it would affect there sales market content. Hence they were rebadged and the L24 was fitted to the PGC110 and sent to our shores. Some models were a mixture of GT-X and 240K and Skyline GT.

A true GT-R body (forgetting the mechanicals had. open grille/alloy dash/rear disc brakes/all tags and ID was in Japanese not english/ different tail-light assemblies with both the red light section working with parkers and the outer was also the stop light.

I will give it a rest. Thanks guys. Hope that I can post some photo's for you to see.

Regards PRINCE

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Hi prince,

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing pictures of you car. I hope that you can work out how to post them.

I'm particularly looking forward to seeing a picture of the VIN prefix stamped into the body of your car.:classic:

If you have an S20 engine then I suggest that you re-unite it with the car forthwith! If you are short of parts then please tell me what you need, as I have a fair few spares for the S20. What's missing?

I'm slightly confused by the description of your car. Is it a Japanese-market model that was imported privately to your country, or is it an official Nissan export version for your country?

I have heard of Nissan cars from that late Sixties / early Seventies era being "re-assigned" on the production line - but this was usually due to an error on single bodies rather than a policy decision to change the spec of a whole batch of cars. When this occurred, the VIN stamp on the body was usually altered to suit the model that it was re-assigned as. I have seen a couple of officially-altered VIN stampings, and its usually VERY easy to see the alteration.

I have NEVER heard of Nissan officially releasing a car with the 'wrong' VIN code. That would not make sense.

I still can't believe that your car has a "KPGC110" VIN prefix. If it DOES have that prefix, then I would bet that it did indeed leave the factory with an S20 twin cam and it was a GT-R. If that is the case, then you would be well advised to replace the S20 and all the other GT-R specific parts and sell it back to Japan. Even the nasty ones are selling for BIG money out there at the moment. Top notch 110 GT-R prices are knocking 5 to 6 million Yen at the moment, and some cars have been advertised for sale at over 8 million.

Looking forward to seeing a pic of your VIN prefix.

Best regards,

Alan T.

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This VIN business is curious...

A couple of things extra - the GTR came with fender mirrors and flares too, and a little spoiler on the back (as I'm sure you know). Also I'm under the impression they didn't have rear demisters. Bucket seats inside aswell.. and I'm sure many other little differences too!

Also I think with the 'GT-R' tail lights, the inner circle is the brake light (see attachment), not the outer.

My 2 cents! :bunny:


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Hi Prince

Welcome to the site:

Some usefull instructions

Uploading images:

1. Click the galleries Tab

2. Click the text Link on the top right that reads "Upload Photos"

3. click the browse button, find the image and click ok.

4. Fill in the details about the photo.

5. Click upload/submit button.

Personal messages:

1. Click Forums

2. Click User CP

3. Click Private messages

From there you can reply to private messages.

You can send them to members by clicking the pm button on one of their posts in the forums.

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