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C110 'GT-R' Tail light operation

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I'll try to print it if its readable...

I'm thinking just getting a new wiring loom from a different car thats got two dual filament sockets so when you brake both outer and inner lights up as well as braking.

My sunny have the same specs but different harness might get an extra one to play with... its just that its annoying i should be doing other work beside this ..now I have to finish this one first before I start with something else, you guys know what i mean its frustrating...

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Originally posted by Z Kid

Sounds to me like the problem encountered is the earth has become muddled somewhere along the way, so when the brake only is applied, both filaments will light up very dimly and ineffectively instead of a single fillament lighting up brightly, surely its worth a check?

when brake is applied the inner lights (the one with very dim light when its on) light up normally which is bright. I checked the ground wire and its all connected right no loose connection or something.

Lachlan please do send me an email of larger version as I printed it came out very pixely [email protected]


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