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Skyline R200 Diff R31->C110

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Hey there guys,

I can get an R200 LSD from an R31 Turbo Skyline, now.. theoretically the powerplant has changed, did that also include any changes to the drivetrain or would I be good to go with an R200 from an R31 in my C110?

And if it all adds up, what other bits and pieces would I need?

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I think all R31's which came to Australia had a solid rear end, but I am pretty sure there were at least some of the japanese models which were fitted with an IRS rear end, and NZ is the king of grey imports, so you could get lucky.

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Originally posted by Brett240

my R200 is out of an r 31 skyline GTS straight bolt in to a Z.

not sure if the GTS was any different in the rear than the standard car.

Do you know what ratio is used in the R200 in Skylines?

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