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My Z History



Just wanted to share some photos of my Z over the years...

This photo is just after I bought and rebuilt the engine.  I drove it around through college.  At the time, I purchased the car from a family friend who was storing the car in his garage.  Purchased for $500 with a frozen engine block, bad head gasket, and seized brakes.


After a few years, and the first split with my ex, I decided to 'man-up' and start taking the car apart.  I spent the next several years sand blasting, with a gravity feed blaster, and disassembled the entire car.  I then took her to a body shop of a guy in Corvallis, Oregon.  he did the unibody work and painted the inside.  The drive-train and brakes were installed so I could push it around in the garage.


Soon thereafter, I re-united with my ex and we moved to a place in Albany, Oregon where I managed to get some more work done and the car painted.


My Z then sat in this state for 4-5 years, neglected in the garage while I went through some even more challenging "life" situations (new house, final divorce, etc, etc)

At one point, I ran into Steve Epperly from Ztherapy at a club outing.  After hearing my story, he brought about 6 guys to my house and proceeded to take my car to his shop for restoration.  This process took about a year.


Until finally one day, he called me over and said, "Your car is running, do you want to see it?"

DSC02198 (Large).jpg

We fumbled around with the car for another few months until Steve went to the Portland Roadster show and showed off the project for all to see.


I then took delivery of my baby and drove her around to various different events and functions.

IMG_0116 (Large).jpg



I must say, without the support and encouragement of the Z community, this project never would have happened.  Our cars may follow us through a lifetime, but, its always rewarding to sit back and appreciate the accomplishments.  Sometimes I just go sit in my Z and stare at all the wonderful parts surrounding me.  Thank you to everyone for all the support over the years, I wouldn't be here without you.


IMG_0116 (Large).jpg


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Thanks for the pics, Mike. This site helped me in so many ways. I met people from all over the world and visited a few in New Zealand. The Zed is a unique car. There is actually none like it for the affordable enjoyment. I had one back in '74. Traded it for a 3/4 ton 4X4 Chevy p/u when I moved to the mountains. But I never forgot the excitement and love I had for that first car. In 2005 I bought another one and made it mine with new parts, paint, upholstery, etc. My wife calls it the "acceptable mistress". 

I actually met you at the MSA show in 2006 when you complimented me on my hat (purchased from this site). This site is by far the BEST Z car site where folks can come and not be snarked on by the old members. The members here are the most helpful of any site I have visited...so THANK YOU! And thanks to the members who make it so good.

Cheers, Mike

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I agree. We have some great members.


Just remember "Imitation is the sincerest form of flatter". I have a similar yellow and the same bullet mirrors. I love the Rota's on your car although my bumpers will be pure chrome. No strips...

It looks great!!!

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