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240Z frame drawing sketchup

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Mikes Z car


Updated 30 Mar 2014:


Rotating view (click to zoom in):


Front frame rails:


Rear frame rails looking towards front of car:


Sketchup drawing for download:

240Z frame rails whole car 20 Mar 2014.skp.zip

Sketchup drawing viewer can be downloaded here:

Download | SketchUp

Revision history:

2013 Dec- Updated drawing includes holes I noticed in the frame behind the seats. (Holes are now in correct location if you happened to have viewed this drawing the first couple of weeks in November)


There are a total of four holes added to this drawing from the original, two behind each seat. They are in the same location on the floor on a 1/1970 car and on a 1/1972 car where I have seen them. The two holes behind the drivers side seat are in line with each other vertically so that with the plugs out you can look straight down from inside the car and see the street. Same situation for passenger side, trying for clarity here. The holes are 20 mm in diameter. The holes are in the middle of the frame rail that heads back and up towards the floor beside the shock towers.

2014 March 30- Updated drawing to correct the diameter of rear frame holes next to spare tire just forward of the tail lights. Also the rear crossmember in front of the rear bumper is now shown correctly as being open on both ends, before it was shown as closed off.

The attached sketchup drawing is done to scale and includes the front and rear frame for a 240Z. Can be viewed with the free program sketchup, download from Google (Mac or PC, can work with Linux). Can be zoomed in and viewed from any angle. The drawing was made from measurements from my own car and from the chassis dimension drawings to maximize accuracy.

Can be converted to Autocad readable .DXF with Sketchup pro for importing into Autocad. May need an older version of Sketchup pro to make the resulting .DXF work with an earlier version of Autocad.

I found it interesting that the inside frame rail to frame rail measurement on the rear frame rails where the spare tire well is on my car measured about 10 MM further apart than on the chassis dimension drawing. The manufacturer must have made a slight change there unless whoever made the chassis drawings was off a bit in that area. I made my sketchup drawing agree with the dimension on my car.

Drawing does not show narrowed section on both front rails located about 5 inches behind the radiator support. I could not accurately define that narrowing with the tools I have so I left that off for now.

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Hi Stanley,

The free Sketchup will import pictures by selecting file, then import. The only thing I know for sure that the pro version will do that the free one won't is it will save the drawing into an Autocad compatible .DXF format. I must be honest here, getting those two pictures to line up 90 degrees with each other and be the right size was a bear for me. If you just want to import a picture and draw on it that much is easy (and fun!). What I do is draw a couple of right angle lines that come together where I want a corner of the picture to be such as the lower left then I import the picture and click on the corner where those two lines converge. Move the mouse away from the corner and click when you have the size you want. Google has videos available that teach various aspects and their technique is likely better than mine, I have watched a couple of them.

How do you use Sketchup?


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I'm a self-unemployed engineer civil/structural - use SU if I can't visualise how something would look, say a guardrail or a roof, or if I want to show it to a client for approval. Some clients use SU, they revise the drawing and send it back. I'd like to be able to import a CAD file floor plan and use SU to make a 3D like you did here. Will try it. Tried drawing the Z carbs and float bowls but got sidetracked. SU has a lot of cool features. Wish I could afford the pro version, but probably don't really need it. If I wanted to put a (view of) SU drawing in a CAD sheet I could just make a PDF and import that to the CAD. It's a little too sketchy looking for 3D steel connection details though.

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Thank you for sharing. I think it would be really neat to have a sketchup drawing of the Z carbs. I have a dream of grandeur where the drawing could be animated to show normal operation and faults with solutions. Sigh, my imagination for use of SU is better than my skill level I think. I imagine your floor plan idea will work. We have SU pro at work. I notice from using the pro version that it has a built in access to a 3D warehouse with a search function. We wanted to draw a bathroom remodel for a project and I found an existing bathroom I could use and modified it. I had to "explode" the download before I could edit it and accidentally discovered how grouping can have subgroups that can be further exploded for further editing. Once the whole bathroom was exploded the sink and other fixtures could then be exploded. Get me to talking about drawings and we will be here all day. heh heh.

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Started the float bowl drawings to find how the front/rear bowls reacted to fluid level tilting on acceleration. Read that it was the reason for the ears on the front bowl being 2mm lower. But when I used an angle meter on the motor, checked the distance between nozzle and float bowl drain, and did the trig, saw that the 2mm is about right for the motor tilt. so gave up on the drawing. The accelaration may still have an effect.

The carb project sounds good - but might be easier with a 3D CAD due to dimensioning, even though SU is easier and faster. I use Solid edge 2D, they have a 3D I wish I could afford. Have Viacad3D but can't seem to do much with it.

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I agree, Sketchup would allow more to make use of a drawing of an SU carb.

It would be easier to make a Sketchup drawing of an SU carb if one had a spare carb to make measurements off of.

I experimented with importing higher resolution pictures into SU. I think I read that if the pictures get large in size it impacts performance.

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