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  1. Hi everyone, I was dreading the exhaust sound which I thought was a cracked header. I stuck my phone down there and took a picture. Apparently there is a port (assuming emissions related) that is venting exhaust. Would anyone know what size thread I would need cap this hole? Thank you. Howard 1974 260z
  2. Gasoline dripping out of air intake ports

    Both choke cable casings broken Howard
  3. Gasoline dripping out of air intake ports

    I removed the float bowl covers and drained and cleaned the bowls and flow control valves with B-12 Chemtool. I sprayed into the fuel feed tube and turned it over to drain. I did that several times and hopefully that removed any possible sediment in the control valves. I have to replace the cork gaskets as they are falling apart. I did notice that the pin that secures the float bowl slides without any sort of stop or tension. I don't know if the sides of the bowl prevent the pin from sliding, or if this is an incorrect pin. Both choke wire plastic casing are broken (under the dash). I will order some bicycle wire casings to replace from the levers to the carbs. These are three screw carbs. Is there a standard setting for the float levels, or do I have to locate a model number somewhere on the carb. body for specs? Howard
  4. Gasoline dripping out of air intake ports

    It started fine and ran well. I still have to set timing but it responded well to the throttle revs. I shut it down when I saw the leak as I was afraid of it catching fire. Howard
  5. Hi everyone, I got the exhaust finally installed and started the car up for the first time in a year. I removed the air filter so it was easier to work and I noticed that both air intakes were dripping gasoline. Upon closer inspection the backside of the orange air filter housing also had gasoline being deposited on it. Where you see my finger touching is the location the gasoline was dripping down on both from both carbs. I’m guessing the gasoline could be penetrating the gasket on the intake to the orange housing? I checked all the connections and rubber hoses and there were no leaks, however when I wiggled the float bowls they had some movement (I don’t know if that’s normal). I have to tune the carburetors so if the settings are way off, and it’s running rich, would a rich setting account for the abundance of gasoline exiting the intakes? This is my first experience with carburetor so I really don’t have a knowledge baseline to draw. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Howard 1974 260z
  6. Hi everyone: I've searched but I can't find any size information for the (2) bolts on the bottom of the fender along the bottom edge of the rocker panel, just behind the front wheels. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Exhaust gasket material for flange gaskets?

    HI: It just stiff paper like a manila foder but a little stiffer. I will go with some metallic or semi-metallic gasket. Thank you. Howard
  8. Hi everyone: I ordered a collector reducer to connect to my MSA downpipe (to stock manifold). The collector reducer comes with a paper gasket. Is this paper gasket sufficient? I see that there are other varieties of gaskets like copper, aluminum, and non-asbestos type fiber material, but I don't know if they are overkill for a street car? Thank you. Howard '74 260z
  9. Thank you! I was ready to put back the instrument panel and I felt bad having to leave out those parts. 😝😜 Howard
  10. Hi Steve,

    Any suggestions on where these two parts go? They came out when I removed the a/c and heater to replace the heater valve. Thank you.



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      I couldn't find anything in the parts manual or the FSM that would give me an idea of what those are for.

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      Thank you for checking. 


  11. Hi everyone, I have the refurbished heater valve installed. I’m just about ready to reinstall the instrument panel, however for the life of me I have no clue where these two parts go. I’m pretty good at taking pictures but I can’t find one pic that contains these two parts. Any ideas where they are installed? Howard ’74 260z
  12. Newbie question about connecting exhaust

    Hi everyone, Thank you for all the replies. I was searching online to see if anyone offered a downpipe that attached to the stock exhaust manifold. I called the zstore and inquired about their premium exhaust kit that has a downpipe that connects to the stock manifold. Good news is that they sell it separately for $55.95. I received it yesterday and just finished installing it a few minutes ago and as you can see from the pics it's a pretty good lineup. I will do as Zed Head suggested and install a resonator/premuffler, then connect with a band clamp from 2.5" to 2.25" Howard L
  13. Hi everyone: My car has the stock engine with the stock manifold and the 2" downpipe. I don't have a premuffler but all the piping (aft of where premuffler should be) is new 2.25" pipe (this is how it was when I bought the car). As you can see in the picture the stock pipe does not line up with the new pipe. My guess is that the stock premuffler had an offset outlet? I was thinking about: A. Cut the stock pipe right before it starts the right turn and try fitting a straight pipe. B. Don't mess with the stock pipe and add a premuffler by removing some of the new pipe. C. Take it to a muffler shop and pay them to somehow connect the pipes. Any suggestions are appreciated. Howard 1974 260z
  14. Hi everyone, I tried to prove Captain Obvious wrong but failed. With the a/c evaporator sitting there blocking the mounting plate for the copper tube it is impossible to access the screws. The dash was actually easy to remove. The heater valve is on it's way to Z Car Source of Arizona for direct exchange for a rebuilt unit. Siteunseen, I did have to purchase an offset ratcheting screw driver like the one you pictured in order to remove several screws.