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    1973 2 owner Carlifornia car.
    F54/E88, Early SU´s, R200 3,9, 280zx 5-speed box.
  1. Questions: Are you sure the engine is bored at all, or could it be just a stock block with dished pistons? I have a bored N42 block + 1 mm flattop pistons and the late 240/260 E88 head. With bigger valves and a Schneider stage3 cam and triple 45s. I have my ignition timing at 16-17 at idle and it's shows 34-35 at 3000 rpms. Try to set the timing higher but listen for pinging.
  2. Rolled her out today to get some parts out of my tiny garage. Put the rear spoiler on with tape to get an ide of what it will look like (still needs some tweaking and to be painted).
  3. Oem Euro front spoiler installed. Rear spoiler is next. (And yes I need to adress the leakage)
  4. Got my Oem Euro front valence (predrilled with built in nuts for the Oem front spoiler) back from paint. Discovered that the Us valence and the Euro valence have different ways of mounting. Euro has built in nuts Us don't, or is it something that depends on what year it's made? Hope to get time to put the valence and spoiler on the car this week.
  5. jdm 240z fender mirrors

    Yes they were expensive but the price was including shipping and import fees (I'm in Sweden) and on top of that the exchange rate sek to US dollar was in my favor. But still it's a lot of money. /Andreas
  6. Taillight panel paint

    The spoiler will be painted like the tail light panel. Spoiler isent mounted yet.
  7. jdm 240z fender mirrors

    New in box. Paid $1200ish
  8. Triple carb airboxes/heat shields

  9. Triple carb airboxes/heat shields

    Im looking at that airbox. Noticed any difference to how the engine performs with that box?
  10. Front Lip Reproduction trial

    Looks great! Well done!
  11. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Thanks! Iv talked to Kats about it. I have looked along time for those 432 rev counters but when I finally track one down their not for sale. I would be able to reproduce them in plastic like the speedo plates (they are easier to make then the speedo plates) just by getting a very high resolution pic of the plate itself.
  12. Triple carb airboxes/heat shields

    I've seen your solution and it's a great idea.
  13. Hi! Im thinking of installing an airbox or an heat shield (haven't decided yet) on my Triple carb setup and wanted to see your solutions and what (if any) difference it made. //Andreas
  14. The area you call garage ....

    But it has to be a pain in the ..... to clean or find that lost 10mm socket ; )