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    F54/E88, Early SU´s, R200 3,9, 280zx 5-speed box.
  1. Subaru differential stub axles

    What madkaw said. Thought mine was in at first but they were not. Here they are installed as they should be.
  2. New valve cover for the lady came in today. Fast shipping from the states for once. Polish it or paint it red...hmmm?
  3. Subaru differential stub axles

    Yes it's Williams machine inc.
  4. Subaru differential stub axles

    Workes like a charm ; ) But I bought my axels from John Williams not from silver mine. //Andreas
  5. Can you identify these wheels?

    They are Rota TBT and I think they are15X8 on that car.
  6. Anyone Have Subaru Output Axle Reviews?

    John Williams made these axels for John Coffey at Beta Motorsport.
  7. Anyone Have Subaru Output Axle Reviews?

    Contact John Williams on Facebook. He's the one who built the sti axels from the start. I have his axels in my car with a 3:9 Sti sure trac diff. Good guy to deal with.
  8. Car is up on jacks for the winter season.
  9. Great pics and info Alan! //Andreas
  10. Bought a "new" valve cover. Havent decided what to do with it yet, paint it red, black, polish it or something else?
  11. That looks great, well done!!
  12. Damn it looks good : )
  13. Bought from Yahooauction. Its not a reprint or anniversary edition. It's the first edition competition wheel. Paid ALOT ; ) /Andreas
  14. This arrived yesterdays from Japan!!