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    F54/E88, Early SU´s, R200 3,9, 280zx 5-speed box.
  1. Headlight covers

    I did not use the oem hardware. I used rive nuts instead. Just one hole to drill instead of three per plate. Workes great. Not the best pic.
  2. And test fitted the 432-R (replica) spoiler. Im almost sure now that I will mount this rear spoiler and the oem Euro front spoiler. Just have to decide on the color of the rear spoiler, leaning towards the greyish color to match the taillight panel.
  3. Finally found (and bought) an old Izumi competition steering wheel.
  4. 60 and 65 profile pics please?

    Yes I'm running 205/60/15. I swapped my speedometer for a Jdm km/h speedometer at the same time as I swapped wheels so I had to calibrate my speedometer to read the correct speed. If it was because the tire combo I have or because of the scale of the speedo I can't tell.
  5. Well Mike, now it worked!!! I think it sounds great : )IMG_9275.MOV IMG_9274.MOV
  6. By searching in Europe....a lot. i found mine in Germany along with the predrilled valance. I know of another one oem but its Nos and cost a lot.
  7. Oem Euro front spoiler is what I will go with.
  8. Well, can't upload my videos : (
  9. Will upload some videos when I get home.
  10. I got contacted by some guys who is recording Sounds for a new videogame called The Crew 2. They really wanted a 240z. So that's what I did today. And I got paid for it : )
  11. Recording for The crew 2.
  12. We arranged a little Datsun meet at a friends place! (2 more Datsun Z in his work shop)
  13. Some rally pics again ; )