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    1973 2 owner Carlifornia car.
    F54/E88, Early SU´s, R200 3,9, 280zx 5-speed box.
  1. 1970 Suzuka 1000km winner (I think)
  2. Ok, Thanks. Have a blue Z on my Japanese steering wheel.
  3. Wasent many of the honrbuttons without the trumpet changed to one with trumpet to comply the "shakken" test, so a lot of early cars have the trumpet aswell?
  4. Not that I can remember (it's 2 years ago) Have some loose wires here on the passenger side.
  5. Sorry! Car is a American spec car (California), and it's a 73 model. I have a volt/ohm meter but not good at using it. The car did not have this issue before I removed the dash and I have not made any changes to the wiring. I just marked everything (obviously NOT everything) and just put it back together.
  6. Hi! Took my dash out and put it back in. Everything workes except i can now turn my radio/fan/gauge lights on with my headlight switch. I don't need to have my ignition on to do this. Can't turn radio/fan/ gauge lights on without having the headlights on. Maplight and the light in the roof (for open door) workes as it should. Anyone know what I have connected wrong? Im Not familiar or anywhere close to good at reading wire diagrams so I really hope for an answer like "that colored wire should go to that colored wire" ; ) Thanks
  7. Sold one of my rally clocks : ( But it goes to a friend of mine and into a euro spec 240z I sold him about 2 years ago.
  8. Understand that. Your car looks amazing anyways.
  9. Took the stripes off. Looks better now. Before After
  10. Oem european market front spoiler and valance arrived yesterday's. Very happy to have found one. Now it's time to hunt for a 432-R rear wing (about 100% sure I will have to settle with a replica )
  11. Is it these cars Kats?
  12. By the way, dident the Z432-R come without front/back window chrome trim/moldings?
  13. I like to see things like this. Thanks for sharing Kats.