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  1. Blackhawk. I think 2011?
  2. I have a copy of the '73 Factory Service Manual and I'm noticing that unlike my Porsche Factory Service Manuals, there is no mention of fastener sizes. I'm trying to dress out my new Rebello engine but I'm having to constantly run to the hardware store. Has anyone compiled a list of the sizes and locations for the engine?
  3. Selling some tires!
  4. Oops, Tom says not the same car. Painted similar in two tone. He owns a movie prop company.
  5. You know that RR is like a 1932 model right?
  6. Exactly. The building is the Westport Country Playhouse. Newman lived and Woodward lives in the neighborhood. They are part owners of the restaurant next door. Woodward (now 87) was the artistic director for much of the 2000's before PLN died. As another aside, no one will be giving the driver a talking to. He owns the car. It was commissioned for the King of England.
  7. I agree wholeheartedly. The Alamo is smaller than my detached garage. The River Walk is however spectacular! Restaurants making guacamole table side. You will remember that guacamole your whole life. Alamo? Roughly the size of a two car garage. My shop/garage? 2000sf!
  8. Ha! As an aside, (not the answer) I went to my 5 year class reunion in that very car. Imagine pulling in to White Castle at 2am and piling out to order gut bombs. It it isn't about the car though, or the driver or the lady for that matter.
  9. Here's a brain teaser for you. How is this picture relevant to racing in general and this thread in particular?
  10. Got most of the holes plugged. Getting it dressed up for install.
  11. A little more modern effort.
  12. Let's drop the new one down to $65 + shipping.