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  1. Unite a few Datsun in the fracas in this shot...
  2. Media time. Cameraman is also asking the questions. Low budget or the norm in times gone by Steve Parmley?
  3. Like a portrait...
  4. Finally got the Professional Products dampener so I should have the trigger wheel mounted and put that on the car next week. Not sure if I'll run a stock fan or go with electric pullers as I did before.... i got back these from the rebuilder. TWM throttle bodies. I have two. I'll sell one and use one. They're both in great shape. I just wanted to have all the hardware replated and have the bushings checked for good seal on the shafts...
  5. Interior shot of one of the BSR ZX cars
  6. Here's a great looking car I've not seen before. Anyone know the car?
  7. I know a guy Mike. He's got a shop with an early 280Z long term project. PM me a price and let me see if I can get the two of you together. I think his customer has a harness problem...
  8. Photo Scan from old pic...
  9. PLN chatting with the crew...
  10. I have two of these. They normally sell for about $125 + shipping but I had both of them gone through. As you can see, it's in beautiful condition. All of the hardware has been replated, bushing nice and tight. The rebuild cost me $50 each TB so how about $125 + shipping? TPS is spoken for...